Reciprocity & Why you Need some NOW!




When we first got married we read a book called The Most Important Year, and one of the chapters was called the “Yes Spiral.” It taught us that if I (Zach) said yes to 99% of Jody’s requests (even if they were inconvenient), that she would want to say yes to more of the things I asked of her. Simple, yet powerful.

This is called Reciprocity. The idea that if I do something for you, then you feel obligated to do something for me and the cycle repeats. (Tweet this message out to your network!)

You NEED this bad right now in your business. You need to be trying to out-serve the community that you are in. If you are shooting weddings, find out what wedding planners need and offer it to them. If you work with venues in your area, find out what they need and offer it to them TODAY! Don’t wait!

Everyone has some needs that overlap, like being appreciated, loved and made to feel important. Use social media, coffee and dinner hang outs to reinforce this need in others.

This is how we initially built our brand and trust us, it works.


This is Chris and Kira from Chris Willis Photography who drove 4 hours round trip on Saturday to come and help me (Zach) with my George Twins shoot. Why did they come all that way to help me for free? Reciprocity. They follow our online content that we give away, and wanted to come and give back. I then decided to give more and had lunch with them and we talked about business and personal stuff and I am sure that they would want to give back to us yet again.

This is what you need more than anything in your business! Venues, planners and PEOPLE that want to help you because you have helped them, and then the cycle repeats. This is how you will get referrals coming your way like you would not believe and how you build a lasting business. Go out TODAY and give.

PS. Start the conversation below and let us know how you build reciprocity or what you are going to do today to start!