Reflections on our time with creativeLIVE

(Us pictured with Samantha, Valentina, Janelle, Kris & Kenna)

It has been a little over 48 hours since we said goodbye live and on air to all of you. It’s been hard for us to put into words what we experienced on creativeLIVE and we have to say that all of you tuning in made this one of the best and most fulfilling things we have ever done.

The students…Kris, Samantha, Janelle, Valentina.

We were so motivated and encouraged by all of you who had a HUGE hunger to learn and were forsaking sleep, meals to your family and even carrying us around with you on your mobile devices throughout your day as you took to the tasks that you couldn’t avoid. You are committed, and if you keep up that intensity and hunger to learn, you will do great things.

As an internet viewer, you don’t get to see a lot of what happens behind-the-scenes, but let us tell l you – the people running show behind the curtain are amazing people. We cannot thank enough Craig Swanson (@CraigMSwanson) for taking the chance on bringing us out and having this course on-location (so much more work than we think!), Celeste (@CelesteLIVE) the production manager who worked out ALL of the crazy logistics of putting this together and responding to our emails late in the night to make sure that all of our details were taken care of, the sweet Kenna (@KennaKphoto ), one of the fabulous chat hosts who fed us the questions coming from all of you, who is so giving and has such a great spirit that anyone would want to be her friend, Kate (@katehailey) for monitoring the packed out chat rooms with her team and making sure that your questions were heard and that you guys received giveaways, all the way down to Adam & Nikko and their fabulous team who headed up all of the amazing techo-mumbo-jumbo stuff, making it possible to air live and not complaining when we wanted to shoot in different rooms and locations, which of course, made their job way harder =D So much goes on behind-the-scenes, and it was really cool to witness what goes on to pull off a production like creativeLIVE.

Of course, a huge thanks goes to our fab sponsors who made things way exciting by giving away free stuff!! Westcott Lighting, Lens Rentals, Melissa Love Design, SanDisk, KISSbooks, SWATdesigner, Showit, PASS, Expo Imaging, and JoyOfMarketing.

A +site (designed by Melissa Love, and built with Showit – was put together for all of you who tuned into creativeLIVE. On the site you can see the images we shot when streaming live, behind the scenes images from the in-studio students as well as creativeLIVE staff, and also all of the sponsor promo codes and giveaways are also there, AND you can also read about the personal experiences of our 4 in-studio audience members – Kris, Janelle, Samantha, and Valentina.

(click below to visit the +site)

For those of you who missed out on the weekend, you are able to purchase the 3-day course for only $149. This is an absolute STEAL and your purchase helps supports creativeLIVE and enables them to keep bringing out amazing photographers for you to learn from for FREE when watching live.

It was a pleasure spending three days with you all online (thanks for all of your twitter & FB comments and love!), a pleasure to hang with our in-studio audience, and an absolute joy to work with the creativeLIVE team.

(us with the fab Celeste & Craig!)

Until next time… see you all in Vegas at WPPI (Sunday, 9AM is our platform)!