Seattle Bridal Shoot + Behind the Scenes

Whew! I (Zach) just took my 7.5 month prego wife to Seattle for 6 days and she rocked it like a champ! She is a trooper! :)


We spent a day doing a 1 day Bridal Shoot on creativeLIVE and then popped in to Photo Week with a presentation on how to keep your business from failing. We had a blast and are excited to share some of the images from the shoots that we did!


We went out the day before the live show and shot some outdoor shots in Kerry Park in Seattle. We set up some cool lighting images and some very organic natural ones as well. Below us a breakdown of some of the shots and some behind the scenes too! We will post a few more blogs from the rest of the shoots we did coming SOON!

Check it out!


This first set up the natural lighting was pretty flat due to the overcast morning. We decided to do a 4 light set up and had our main light to camera left, fill light to camera right, then the 2 kicker lights (show here) for some wow factor.

While I was shooting the lit shot, Jody was grabbing some details of the brides shows and dress.

Here you can see the shot with just one of the kicker lights firing. This gives you an idea of what the lighting was doing and how much we were overpowering the ambient light (about 2 stops).

Here in this behind the scenes shot, you can see the look of the natural light and how flat and boring it was. Also, when we expose for the brides face, we get this blown out sky.

For this next set up, I wanted to do a heavy short-lit shot that really accented our brides body type. This kind of lighting is very flattering and just looked stunning on her!

Here you can see the lighting set up with my camera set to the exposure of the final image, just with no flash on.

You may notice that the main light to the left is turned more towards me than towards her. The light was actually not pointed directly at her, but instead feathered off which helps make the light extra soft and buttery. The background light has a half-CTO gel on it for a warming effect.


Tune in next week for more images from the shoot!