Small Flashes with Stunning Light (video!)

When out on-location doing portraits for weddings, seniors or any type of shoot, sometimes you need an EASY and portable way to get the job done AND make the images look beautiful.

Speedlites are great for portability, but other than not having a lot of power output, their biggest issue is the QUALITY of the light is not so good. They look harsh and “flashy” and rarely produce AMAZING light.

In this short video shot on-location in Nevada, we show you how to not only execute great flash shots using a speedlite, but how to make that light look AMAZING on your subject!


Screenshot 2014-08-28 17.30.28





Gear used:

Canon 85 1.2 L lens 

Canon 5d3 Body

Cyber Sync Transmitters and receivers (the CST and CSRB models)

Rapid Box 26 inch from Westcott Lighting with the deflector added.