Sneak Peek!! | Stephen & Scarlett Are Married!

Aw snap! We just got back into town from the fab wedding of Stephen Knuth & Scarlett Lillian and we are PUMPED to show you this little sneak peek into their wedding!

We have SO much to write about their beautiful day (it was amazing!) and cannot WAIT to share it with you all! In the meantime, to hold you over, we have a little, tiny, sneak peek to share with you!

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  • Anna Kim Photography

    Killer shot!

  • Jessi Cabanin

    GUUUHHHHHHH….insert {lots} of drool here…

  • Amie Beasley

    stunning! thank you for posting. i have heard fabulous things about you guys through scarlett. can’t wait to see the rest!! now go get some rest :)

  • Amy

    Sneak Peek??? I want to see more!! LOL!!! Can’t wait to see the rest! =)

  • Emma Godfrey

    Gorgeous! Lighting is beautiful – as ever!

  • Scarlett’s Mom

    You two rock! What a pleasure to meet you and share the love! Can’t wait to see the rest of the day!

    Have a heavenly day! Rene

  • Cheryl Joy

    I’ve loved following your blog… Seeing photos of people that I actually know makes it even more amazing! :) The photos are beautiful and I was so impressed by your professionalism at the ceremony. You all were so discreet. It was lovely meeting Jody. So glad Scarlett has amazing photos to look forward to! :)


  • Chelsea Patricia

    OMG–I love it! I cannot WAIT to see the rest from their day! :)

  • karen Reiff

    Enjoyed the incredible wedding this weekend and watching your professionalism as you documented the love story unfold into a Marriage. The sneak peek is HOT!

  • shabnam

    Congrats to both of you!!! Gorgeous couple!!!

  • Terrica

    SO beautiful! It was wonderful working with you both! I am really looking forward to seeing how you captured the day. I hope you traveled safely!

  • Alyssa Turner

    Looks like and amazing day captured by two amazing photographers! Congrats Knuth’s!

  • Jessi D

    I. Die. Gorgeous everything!

  • Feuza

    Cant Wait to see the rest