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I was 22 years old and my biggest hope for my life was being the assistant manager at a tie store and getting a raise to $7.75 an hour so I could live on my own without the help of my mom. I didn’t go to school past the 3rd grade and my dad left when I was 5 years old and even though I didn’t realize it at the time, I had a deep need for someone to guide me. I needed someone to see that I could be and do more with my life because I certainly couldn’t see it.

One day the youth pastor from my small church took me out to a lunch that would change my life. He told me he believed in me and knew I could do more. Something amazing happened. I believed what he said and did it. I left Northern Minnesota 3 months later and never came back. That youth pastor was my first of many coaches (or mentors) over the years that would help me learn to see what I could’t and inspire me to something greater.

Do you ever feel that you are stuck like I was back in MN? Do you feel like you want this business to move forward but are just running in place? Do you feel like you can’t see past today and don’t really know what tomorrow could hold for you? You might need a coach. Someone that can look you straight in the eye and tell you that they believe in you, that you can and will move forward and achieve what you have dreamt of.

Here are four powerful ways to get a coach that can change all that for you!

1. Read about One:

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Reading business books is the most consistent coach we have had over the years. We read Purple Cow by Seth Godin in late 2007 and that is the main reason that our business stood out in 2008 and helped us make a six-figure income that year. Even though this kind of coach is not personally invested in your business, you do get to glean from their wisdom for only $12 or so.

2. Be One to get One:





Starting a MasterMind Group 2 years ago was one of the greatest things I have ever done for our business. A MasterMind Group consists of 8-12 members that are all dedicated to meeting each week, learning new things together, becoming each others board of directors, and opening up their business mind to you and you to them. They are very difficult to create (mine took 4 months just to get all the guys in a room together), but once there is a commitment, it can be powerful. Dan Miller says that 1+1=3 meaning that when you get two great business minds together, it is like creating a 3rd mind because of the new ideas you both spawn.

(If you are interested in starting a legit MasterMind Group, then reply to this email from our newsletter and I will send you a PDF on how to create one).

3. Subscribe to One:


There are tons of inspiring videos, Newsletters and courses from great coaches out there that you can get your hands on for free or for small monthly or one time fees. We subscribe to Jeff Walker, Michael Hyatt, Jeff Goins and CopyBlogger for great marketing and life balance coaching on a weekly basis.

Zach and Jody Coaching – Jody and I also have weekly coaching through our newsletter, and we offer DVD courses on Shooting, Lighting, Editing, Studio Work and Business Strategy which have helped thousands of photographers shoot better and make more money.

4. Book One:

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(Image from a Skype Coaching session we did last week for UK wedding photographers Sansom Photography)

Hiring a coach that you look up to is powerful because you get them personally. Jody and I spent over $5,000 last year hiring a coach to help us transition our business into more online teaching & to help Jody work less and be a mom more. It was WELL worth the investment!

Jody and I have been personally coaching other photographers since 2009 and set aside time each month for different types of coaching sessions.

We offer:

Skype Sessions so that we can have real face time with you, and a look at specific strategies to help you move forward. These sessions are either for photographers that need specific issues adressed, or for photographers that need follow up sessions after our full-day mentoring.

Full-Day Coaching is our most powerful and effective mentoring that we do. We spend an entire day with your studio, and days before hand deep-diving into your brand to really pull it apart and see how it can best move forward. We did this for Luke and Cat in 2011 after that had made just $150 per wedding in 10 weddings. They booked a full-day coaching session and 3 follow up Skype Sessions and to date since we coached them, they have grossed over 1 million dollars in just 3 short years! yes, you heard that right, One Million Doallars.

Don’t Hesitate


If you want to book a one of our limited Skype Coaching Session with us that are now becoming available for 2015, you can do that HERE


Our Full-Day Coaching sessions are now available for 2015 and will sell out fast, so if you need a deep-dive, you can book a full-day session HERE and get ready to have your business completely changed.


Whatever path you decide to take with coaching, just be sure you do it. If you don’t have a coach, it will be hard to know where you are going and you may never get your business moving forward.

Do you already have a coach? If so, share with us how they have inspired you and helped your business move forward in the comments below!