Starbucks Trip Adventures | Amsterdam, Part I

We have added another mug to our Starbucks mug collection – Amsterdam!

After three days in Den Haag (about 40 minute drive outside of Amsterdam) with workshops and meeting some AMAZING people, we decided to stay another day and see the sights of Amsterdam. We wanted to share with you a bit of our day!

After saying goodbye to Anouschka and Ray, we checked into our hotel and headed out for a few hours on our own. The below images that you see are of bikes…. About 2,500 of them to be exact. EVERYONE rides their bike here, and it’s quite amazing actually… compared to those in the United States. It is most definitely a way of life here and even if it’s below 50 degrees (the point that people stop taking their bikes out in the states), and more like 30 degrees – or colder – people are still riding their bikes to get from one place to the next. It’s pretty cool!!

Our hotel with the bike “parking garage” in front :)

Yes, a woman, her child, and a dog, all on the bike :)

We walked the canals…

Look at the tiny, cute, car!!

And then made our way to the former hiding place of Anne Frank. I (Jody) had been there as a child and remember the bookcase, but very little else. It was moving to go there as an adult and really take everything in.

No photography was allowed due to desires to preserve the home from flashes, but we grabbed a couple non-flash images to share the experience with those of you who may have never been or will have the opportunity to go.

This is the front of establishment where Anne Frank hid from the Nazi occupation in the mid 1940s.

The below portraits (L to R) are Anne’s mom, Anne, and her sister.

The bookcase that concealed those who hid…

It was such a moving experience, and we are really glad we went…

Next, it was time to grab some food for our stomachs and we went to this little café and had some yummy food!

Yes, this is a big bottle of water.. :)

Yes, this is a bed for a cat. They had two cats wondering around the restaurant. :)

After walking back to our hotel, we met up with new friend and fellow photographer, David Currie. What we did from there was so exciting, that we decided to split it up into two posts :) Tomorrow is Tuesday Tips & Tricks, but make sure to check back Wednesday to read more on our Amsterdam adventures!!!! We’ll give you a hint on what it involved…