Starbucks Trip Adventures | The Big Apple

What up New York!!!!!!!!

We had the pleasure of being in New York on Thursday, and boy, the day flew by, but we had fun!

We honestly don’t know how you New Yorkers do it! After one afternoon in the bustling city, we are ready for a full week of napping or SOMEthing relaxing :) We

We have now added another Starbucks mug to our collection! It took two tries, but we have it now!


When we pulled in early Thursday morning it was raining. We think this is the first stop that we actually got rained on!

At 2pm we hailed a cab and made our way over to Adorama. You know, the ginormous online retailer? They only have one actual storefront and we got the tour! Here is Zach in the pro-department that Anne Cahill had a big part in putting together. We will be coming back to Adorama in September so stay tuned for some goodness on that which we will be sharing!!

This has been added on our To Buy list. A human being comes with this lens to help hold it up :)

Us and the one-and-only Joel Meisels from Adorama!

After grabbing some food, we zipped back to the venue and it was showtime!

Goofing off at the PASS photo wall. (Photo compliments to Tim Hussey).

And we have to end with this shot… this is our bus… to the right is the door that we get on and off the bus. Ah! Talk about watching out for traffic! :)

We had SUCH an amazing time meeting you all and we can’t wait to come back again!!!!!