Starbucks Trip Adventures! | Washington DC

Yesterday we had the awesomeness of being in Washington DC for the PASS Premier tour! I (Jody) had never been before, and we had about 4 hours to see the city before the show began that evening, so it was our goal to make the best of it!

We pulled in around 11:00am, Zach and I threw clothes on and hit the city! Enjoy the images from our iphones and point and shoot!

Our first stop was, you guessed it, Starbucks!! There was no way we were missing out on getting our Starbucks mug like we had in other cities!!

We got to see the Lincoln Memorial…

Us with Lincoln below!

In all seriousness. This was really moving. To read Lincoln’s inaugural address and the other writings on the wall, was…. I don’t know… I can’t put it in to words.


Then we headed off to the Vietnam Veterans Memorial. There was a group of World War II veterans that had been flown out to visit the memorials. You could spot them all easily in their yellow/orange shirts. To know they had served and given up so much for our country … a simple “thank-you” seemed so inadequate.


The World War II Memorial…


One of the Veterans…

Next, it was the Washington Monument!

This is me with the monument taken from the Lincoln Memorial (yeah, the reflective pool was being worked on :(.

Then we were off to take a peek at the White House! So cool!!


Then we headed off to the National Archives…. or so we thought. Our taxi driver took us to the National Aquarium (close, but not quite the same ;), so we booked it on foot and waited in line for 45 minutes to see the Declaration of Independence (we had just seen National Treasure, so we were really excited, ha ha :). It was really cool to be near documents that men rallied behind that set the foundation for our country. So crazy!!

Time was flying by so we rushed back to the bus to shower and greet people for the PASSpremier tour!! Whew! Barely made it :)


There were so many friendly faces and it was great to see everyone and meet some amazing photographers. The night flew by and we wish that we were able to meet all of you and spend way more time with the amazing Showitteers.

After the PASS tour we were able to head out for a little bit with fellow photographers, friends, and clients, Sunny & Neeva! These guys are really sweet and their wedding is exactly four months away! So excited for them and we can’t wait to shoot the day!!!!!!!!! Here is us with them :)


Thanks to everyone who made our trip to DC awesome! No worries, we will be back!!!!!!!!! :)