Starbucks Trip Adventures | England

Can you believe that up until today we still had yet to blog on our Starbucks mug from England all the way back from JANUARY?? Talk about slackers!!! Well today we bring to you our trip reflections on the last part of our European journey – England!!! We were in England at the beginning of our trip for SWPP (Europe’s largest Wedding & Portrait conference) and then we had a day or so to enjoy a bit more of England at the end of our trip!

We seriously had THE BEST time in England, and it was greatly in part due to the AMAZING people that we met there!! We were mainly with Showit while at SWPP and the photographers who we met through there were simply FANTASTIC. Oh my gosh, these peeps were amazing. Crazy us, we did not bring our camera out once at SWPP except for our two lighting photographer meetups that we did, and so we really do not have pictures of our time there!! We are pretty bummed about that :(

However, the last night there was an awards banquet and a group of us got dressed up and headed on over. These below pictures were taken with Gisela’s point and shoot. Thank-you, girl!!

The ladies… Me, Jaz, Serena, Gisela, Melissa Love. (Alex not pictured, so sad!)

The men… minus Andrew… Zach, Kevin, DJ

We had a wonderful time at SWPP meeting the fabulous photographers out there, eating at some cool places, being a part of Showit, speaking at the conference itself, and man, just so many good memories!!

One evening we went out to eat with the Animoto team. After a DELICIOUS dinner at a modern Italian restaurant in Covent Garden we walked around London. Here are a few iphone photos .. (we know! Lame that we forgot to bring our camera!!!)

On the last leg of our time in London we stayed right by Hyde Park (you could see the park from our window, which was also super close to Notting Hill. Yes, Notting Hill, like the movie Notting Hill with Hugh Grant & Julia Roberts. They actually have tours in the warmer months and they take you around to where parts of the movie were filmed, so we were left on our own to wander around, enjoy the shops and try to find anything vaguely familiar from the film (no luck :).

Can’t get over how tiny the cars are!!

As we were walking around, we came across this cool restaurant so we stopped in for some dumplings and tea.

The tea was really interesting… they put a dried flower in your glass, poured hot water in it and then the flower blossomed right in front of you! I thought it was cool, Zach thought it was a little weird :)

When I (Jody) was young, my family lived in Europe (Waterloo, Belgium) for 2 years. My mom would take us to the grocery store, and right outside was always a person selling these amazing, fresh Belgium waffles. I remember them being SOOOOOOOOO good and it was such a special treat to have one. Sometimes when walking in a mall by Cinnabun I’ll catch a certain whiff of that smell and it takes me back to the days to when I was five and six.

Well, lo and behold, as we were walking down the Portabello market road we came across a Belgium waffle stand!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was Sooooooooooooooooooo excited! We ordered me up one and it was JUST like how I remembered it. They are so crazy good. They could be cold and they would still be yummy, they can be plain and still be yummy… you can’t go wrong. Needless to say, I thoroughly enjoyed my Belgium waffle :)

We also stopped at a coffee shop (of course)…

And that, my friends, that concludes our overseas excitement! Thanks for viewing :)