Starbucks Trip Adventures | Cabo Mexico! Our Photog Retreat Adventures!

We had a blast on the Photog Cruise (the week after WPPI in Vegas) and one of the highlights was our stop in Cabo San Lucas!

Here is our Mexico Mug!! They did have Cabo specific mugs but they sold out before we got there!! :'( … so sad.

Our cruise ship!

This was the scene as we headed off the ship in the little boats that carried us to shore. Freestyle!

We took a little water taxi over to see “Lovers Beach” which was awesome! Fish, sea life and Sea Lions were everywhere! It was really cool!

Cabo is small city is surrounded by some amazing rocks that shoot right out of the ocean and there are some beautiful clear water beaches everywhere! This was the sight to see just about 1/2 mile off shore. Amazing!

We stopped off at our own little private beach and took in some snorkeling, swimming and sun tanning!

The water was a little rough, but Jody made it over in one piece!

Here is Stephen Knuth doing his Hasselhoff impression. Soooo hot!


Here is one of the couples who came on the retreat – Jessee and Christina of Visia Productions – they are so cute together!

Another oh-so-sweet couple who were a blast to be around – Tiffany & Dean Deming from Follow Your Heart Photography!

This was the scariest dog ever! Soooo cute!

Starbucks in Cabo!

This was our bill for 3 coffees… no worries it’s in Pesos. :)

We almost took this little guy home with us from one of the shops!

Fresh sea urchin for you!!

We got back on the last boat to the ship and as we hopped on, they started to lift it back on board. Sooo cool and what an awesome day!

If you could travel to one dream place, what would it be?