Starbucks Trip Adventures | WPPI 2011 Las Vegas

We have been traveling a lot over here and you know what that means – more Starbucks mugs that we have added to our collection! … not to mention it’s good closure for us! lol.

And now we present to you the final recap of our time in Las Vegas!

You saw our Desert shoot at WPPI, we blogged on our Master Class, and the other awesome big thing that we were involved was an event that Pictage had with The Boys and Girls Club of Las Vegas! Yes, we were a part of this last year and begged for them to let us be a part of it once again.

We split into smaller groups and talk about cameras and photography and then we go out and shoot with the kids! It’s a great chance to pour into these kids and just love on ’em. Below is our group!

This kid here, Paul, became Zach’s apprentice. Talk about shadow for the day and SUPER Talented! Zach gave Paul his camera (this is a big deal here folks!) and gave Paul some pointers and this kid took off and got some REALLY stellar shots!

Talk about artsy! :)

Pictage had a studio setup and so our kids had a great time posing and taking shots with each other :)

This is me with my precious girl, Kayden. We met last year when we came to the Las Vegas Boys & Girls Club, and we were soooo excited to see each other again. Kayden wants to get into model so she’s practicing her look here :)

Short of the desert shoot and the Boys and Girls Club, we really didn’t bring our cameras around with us so we have relied on our friends to share the visual part of our journey.

We had SUCH a great time speaking in the Showit lounge (thanks Wendy Cunningham) for the images!

Of course got our KISS books love on… (thanks to Eric Farewell for the image, and Ginny Corbett for the styling :)

We ran into the one and only Becker at his [b]school get together… and nabbed this off his blog. :)

Had a blast with our friends Eugene & Heather who flew to Vegas to speak in the Showit lounge and do a couple mentoring sessions for photographers wanting to learn Fusion.

And of course, we weren’t going to miss the platform class by Justin & Mary. For those of you who missed it…. you missed it big time. We have heard these two speak a handful of times now and they continue to blow us away every time. If you don’t know these two, make sure to head on over to their blog and get to know them.

Yes, folks, they got a standing ovation… well deserved.

And we think that just about sums up the highlights of our time at WPPI! We had a great time and we’re sorry for the peeps who we didn’t get a chance to meet :( Things got a little crazier than we had planned and we weren’t out and about as much as we thought we would. But no worries, stay tuned… we have some exciting plans to share where we’ll be out and about more come May & June!…