Still Got that Lovin’ Feelin’…

It was 4 years ago this day that Zach and I stood with each other in front of 130 guests and committed to stick with each other ’till death do us part.


It’s unbelievable that we have been married four years.  Where does the time go??  We are celebrating our anniversary on the Caribbean seas and are pumped to finally go somewhere outside of TN to celebrate our anniversary.  Woo hoo!

Marriage most definitely is not easy and people were right when they told us “marriage takes a lot of continual work.”  Things definitely aren’t roses all the time, and we still don’t have everything perfect (yet… ;o), but we love each other and are committed to each other no matter what.  It’s hard at times, and easy at others… We’re so thankful that we have each other and we often like to joke that we are the other’s only friend because we spend SO much time together.  ha ha.

A few books that have been a huge blessing to our marriage… (click on the image for more info on the book).




Everyman's Battle

We love talking with other couples and hearing their wisdom and advice when it comes to being married.  For those of you out there, what advice can you give us and others?  Bring it on!

  • Carlos Bruno

    You forgot to talk about the book “Men are from mars and women …”, because they are from EVERYWHERE! After marriage, I can’t find my lucky shirt anymore! All places cover with HER stuff! (I can’t believe she could possibly trash my LUCKY SHIRT!)

  • MelissaF

    I don’t have any advice since I’ve only been married about a year and a half but I just wanted to say Happy Anniversary to you both and I hope you have a wonderful vacation!

  • Nathan

    Well as you guys know I’m not even married yet, however I think the best advice to being successful with everything and in everything is by putting God first, which I know you already do.

    and I love your guys’ book suggestions. Every mans battle is awesome!

    Happy thanksgiving and happy anniversary!!

  • Mike larson

    Awesome guys!!! Congrats!! We just had our 4 year anniversary last month!! Praise God for his goodness in blessed marraiges!

  • Kia Gregory

    Happy Anniversary, y’all! I’ve been lucky in love and marriage for 8 years and the only advice I can give you is to sometimes just let him win. Not all the time. But sometimes.

  • Stephen Knuth

    Happy Anniversary!! Thats so awesome how you two have kept Jesus the core of your Marriage! Woohoo!!

  • Feuza

    I have been married 5 and half years now and I some days are like I cant stand him, only lasts a little though, lol and it is part of it, dealing with it and committing to your commitment before God and Man to love them unconditionally, best two tips I have is #1 to always communicate your feelings, ideas and thoughts cause you can not assume they understand and ready you and always review your yearly expectations
    #2, get out of routine, bring back that I am head over heels feeling that gets lost in the routine of marriage, plan get always, trips, surprises cause you bring that loving feeling all back again

  • nancy m.

    Happy Anniversary! What a blessing. I have been married to my high school sweetheart for 11 yrs. Yes, it is tough! It is so worth it though. Four kids later and he is still so amazing. Just for tidbits: We have been together more than 1/2 our age. We started dating the summer before 9th grade. He is my rock! I pray that the two of you have many years together because marriage is just totally AWSOME! Have a blessed day and cheers to many years to come.

  • Thomas Frank

    Congratulations you two that is awesome! Today is my fiances and I’s 4 year anniversary too. Have fun on your cruise and I will see you both when you come to OC on the 13th and 14th.

  • Cori

    Congratulations both of you. Terry and I are coming up on 16 years of marriage. Two of the books on your list are ones we’ve read and you’re right – they really help, as long as both of you are willing to work on the ideas/tips/suggestions contained therein.

    Once kids come along a whole new dynamic enters the marriage. We have learnt not to get into a rut – routine is good, a rut is not. When the kids were little and we had no money to go out on date nights, I’d make an early dinner for them, put them to bed and then set up a romantic picnic for Terry and I. Now that the kids are older and we both work from home, we slip away for a date lunch or movie in the middle of the day – keeps things fresh.

    Compromise! Not on the big things, but on the things you can live with. I’m sure you’ve already discovered that one though! Arguments are not about winning, or being right, but on reaching an agreement you can both live with.

    Honesty – without it any marriage is doomed.

    OK, done writing my book now!

    Once again congratulations! I have to keep reminding myself you three Broulliett girls are all grown up. I still remember seeing you around the house when I’d come and pick Warrick up after work!

  • d a v i d m o l n a r

    woohoo!!!! just don’t have that lovin’ feeling tonight… k?

  • Zach Gray

    Ba ha ha!!

  • Kristen Steele

    So that was the book we read for our premaritial counseling (the first one) and I recommend it to EVERYONE, it’s been such a blessing to us. I still go back and reread chapters sometimes!

  • Josh Ulmer

    Congrats! We celebrated 5yrs on the 20th!! The 5 Love Languages rock! That book helped us to see things early on and learn how to really communicate with each other and how to truly love the other person!

  • Walter

    Congratulations!!! This Wednesday my wife and I will celebrate our 20th. We are also a husband and wife wedding photography team. For the last 3 years we have been giving “The Most Important Year in …” book to our couples at their engagement session. One even called us at their 1st Anniversary and asked where we bought it and she bought 2 for wedding presents. Another book I’ll recommend to you is “Love & Respect” by Dr. Emerson Eggerich. If you concentrate on pleasing Christ you will please you spouse by default.

  • Jody Gray

    @Walter – we give “The Most Imp” year to our couples too!!! Oooh we love Love & Respect too!! That is a good one!

  • Betsy, La Vida

    Oh my goodness! How did I miss this post?! Happy, happy anniversary! You two are such an inspiration to other married couples out there, professionally and as peeps. Hope it was a fab day for you!!

  • tiffany zajas

    Aw, Happy Anniversary [a few days late.] My husband and I have read and appreciated most of those books [except for the first one, we’ll have to check that out.] Have a fantastic time on the cruise! :)

  • nancy ray

    total money makeover = awesomeness! we say that book saved our marriage from mannnny fights ;).

    also, i suggest “his needs her needs [making your marriage affair-proof” … it’s fantastic!!!

    happy [late] anniversary to a lovely couple :)