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from the Photography Tips and Tricks category

“The opposite of remarkable is ‘very good.’ Are you making ‘very good’ stuff? If so, how fast can you stop!”

Seth Godin, Purple Cow


The two fastest emerging technologies in the world are Smart Phones and DSLR Cameras. Everyone and their cousin is becoming a “pro” photographer these days and we can come to one concrete conclusion based on that fact. We have LOADS of competition!

With a sea of new photographers flooding the market, launching their new websites and starting businesses left and right, how in the world do YOU stand out from the crowd and what can you do that makes you different so you get noticed? If you think that you can simply create a great product (like really nice images) and offer them at a competitive price, and meet the expectations you set for your clients, then your business will probably be over before it begins.

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What up everyone! We are excited to bring you a brand new series of lighting videos all about studio lighting. One of  my passions and something that I (Zach) have undertaken during our year sabbatical from shooting weddings, is finally getting to do more personal work. I love shooting controlled portraits and am excited to share more of how I have shot some of the images I have been doing lately.


Now, many wedding and portrait photographers have moved away from studio shooting due to the high costs of renting spaces and the complexity of the gear. Well, this video series is going to show you how to shoot in a simple space and create some dramatic lighting with some really cool techniques. If you shoot bridal shoots, senior shoots, family or other portrait sessions, then adding some studio style shots could be a great creative outlet for you and give your clients something really unique that many photographers are not doing.  The shots you will see were photographed right inside our house (garage or other spaces) and even though we are using some Elinchrom gear, you could do this with equipment that costs much less. To download our entire gear list, go HERE to get it for free!


Now, on to today’s video and final image:


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Belieb It Or Not…

by Zach & Jody on January 28, 2013, posted in Personal Fun


Before you even start to hate, if you have never seen the documentary on Justin Bieber Never Say Never, then we don’t want to hear one negative peep out of your mouth :)   he he he…

Don’t be jealous y’all, but Justin Beiber came through Nashville on his BELIEVE tour and we got tickets and went!

The concert was pretty impressive and that little dude can sing really well live.

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We just finished up Nashville’s final IN-CAMERA workshops here at our home and we had an absolute blast with our attendees! Many pics were taken, lots of laughs were had and some great friends were made. We have loved doing this particular series of workshops and always enjoy opening our home to photographers. So now that this series of workshops is coming to an end, you may be asking, “what’s next?” We have a few things up our sleeves that are sure to be way different and really exciting! Stay tuned!
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Cows Never Win

by Zach on October 23, 2012, posted in Photo Tips & Tricks,Uncategorized

Today’s Tuesday Photography Tips & Tricks is about business. Business is 80% of what we do day in and day out to become successful and we spend about 20% of our time doing our art (shooting, editing etc). So this week, and a few time a month our tips and tricks are dedicated to this all important area of our photog biz!
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