The #15MinuteChallenge that could change your life

Zach and I have started something new, and we want to encourage you all to partake in the challenge with us! We all know it’s important to be growing and learning (the average millionaire reads one business book a month!), but it’s easy to let time get away from us.

Zach and I are challenging ourselves with the “15 minutes challenge!” Every morning after breakfast and after spending time in the Word (the best business book out there), we are committed to spending 15 minutes reading a business book.

By having a specified and defined goal (15 minutes every week day), we all will be taking baby steps to get some more awesome business knowledge in us so we can continue to grow our minds so we stay at the cutting edge of whats happening in the biz world. It’s amazing the new ideas that spark and fire us up as we dedicate a few minutes each day to learning and then discussing afterwords!

Who wants to join us in this?

Not sure where to start? Check out some of our top reads on Amazon and why we recommend them!

**As you are reading great awesomeness each morning, Instagram/Twitter something that struck you with the hashtag #15MinuteChallenge so we can all be learning from each other!

Now get to reading!!