A new Video series | In the Raw

We are excited to introduce to you a brand new video teaching series entitled In the Raw!

In the Raw video series zach gray


The Pain

This series was birthed out of my (Zach) frustrations when I first began photography and was trying to learn more about creative lighting and portraiture.

When reading other tutorials I felt like the specific how-tos and technical key information were missing, which prevented me from learning what I needed to know. Not to mention the fact that I (and most other creatives) are visual learners.

After devouring whatever content was available, I went out, practiced, and had a LOT of trial and error refining these techniques on my own (thank-you, Jody for being my subject ten times over :)


Above is one of my first creative portraiture shots. Yes, we all start somewhere.



The Answer

Understanding this exact pain is how In the Raw came about.

After spending the last 8 years shooting, learning, studying and teaching photography, we decided to create and release a video instructional series that brings you, the photographer on real, creative portrait shoots with me, Zach, and walks you through every step of the process.


  • Almost 2 hours of teaching content
  • 5 full set-ups on the Andy Davis creative portrait shoot
  • Live shooting & detailed explanations of all set-ups
  • Lightroom & Photoshop editing of final images
  • 20 Lightroom pre-set downloads included ($29 value!)
  • Full gear list of equipment used on the shoot with direct links
  • Much much more!

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