The Business Of Photography | Workshop


When you start a photography business, there is this assumption that running a photography brand is you getting to shoot a ton of cool images and get paid to do it.


Unfortunately, that is not the WHOLE picture of what it really means to have a photography business. Jody and I have had the privilege of working with over 1,100 businesses and one theme has permeated them all. The management of their brand is the hardest part of what they do.


This was our Zach and Jody Business workshop where we take all the proven tools and systems that make a photography brand a success, and walk along side each of our 35 students that came that day and help them implement that into their brand. We help them create a vision for their business, figure out how to keep their values and not compromise, and set goals that will work.


Students are given the tools, the systems, and encouragement to start to believe that this business CAN be something that they love and that does not dominate their lives. For those that are starting out, this workshop gives them the blue-print for how to start RIGHT and not get stuck later on because they built it right from the start.


We don’t think we know everything, so that is why we Skype in experts like Melissa Love who is a branding expert from the UK, and we also brought in Katelyn James who showed us how she creates community with her clients, and Luke and Cat who showed us how they have created a high-end brand in a place you would never think possible (and make $400k a year doing it!). Getting perspective from not just us, but from current photographers who are running amazing brands right now is also important to the learning process.


We had 3 breakout sessions where photographers are encouraged to have self-discovery and start to implement what they already were learning that day.


We had some powerful moments together talking through where our brands wanted and needed to go, and each shooter had a chance to share and start building a brand that day that they were proud of and would stand out from among all the other photographers in their area.


We had such a great time and can’t wait for the next one this coming spring! If you want to be there and have your business rocked like never before with the chance to make a great living and have fun doing it, then sign up for our newsletter HERE to be the first to know!
If you are reading this post and say “I can’t wait for spring and need my business to get on track now!” then we are excited to also announce that our coaching sessions for 2015 are opening up now! We have just a few slots open each month for Full-Day Coaching and for our Skype Sessions. We also build custom packages for photographers that really want to take their business to the next level which are typically 6 months worth of coaching. Luke and Cat (who are now teaching other photographers how to build a brand) did 6 months of coaching with us (that turned into 3 months because they got so good so fast) and after coaching with us, their business has now grossed one Million dollars in 3 years!

Mentoring Session Full Day of Gray


If you want to set up a custom coaching package, just email and we can set it up!


Thanks to everyone that came out and we know that your businesses will do something great IF you put the hard work into it!