The Fabulous Boston Wedding of Brian & Soo!!!

We love it when we get to travel and meet couples outside of the Nashville area. Take Brian & his lovely bride, Soo. Brian enjoys photography and knew us simply from our blog. When he and Soo got engaged they reached out to us and we were all pumped that we were free for their wedding! Once we flew into Massachusetts we were able to get together with them the night before their big day. It’s one thing to talk over the phone with your couples but it’s even cooler actually getting to meet! As soon as we met these two, we liked them instantly. They both are so sweet and really fun and of course, Brian loves photography so can it get any better than that? :)

Brian & Soo got married and had their reception at Independence Harbor. It was a great spot for a late morning wedding! Enjoy the images and commentary!

To view images once their wedding is released online, CLICK HERE to sign their virtual guestbook.

We HAVE to start out showcasing Dunkin’ Donuts. Now we have DD here, but it’s nothing like what it is up there… DD is EVERYWHERE and as you see, DD giftcards were prevalent at the wedding reception.. lol…

It was potentially going to be a rainy day, so Soo and her girls were prepared!!

The men decided to venture into unknown territory as they crossed into the land of the forbidden… luckily no one got arrested and it was totally worth it! :)

Brian & Soo had their first look in this field that was close by… it was so beautiful!

You two are so sweet :)

What you are about to see below is Brian leading his new bride for their first dance, but then she’s slightly confused because more men are coming to the dance floor than should be there…

And all of a sudden a big choreographed dance by the men, led by none other than Brian, breaks out…

It was awesome!!!!!!!! Props to you all :)

And now time for the real first dances…

Brian & Soo, thank you again so much for letting us be a part of your day. We had a blast and appreciate your kindness and hospitality. We can’t wait to return the favor when you guys come to Nashville!