The Jonas Brothers – Live in the Flesh! …kind of

Yes, Zach and I have caught a bug, but it was well worth it! This past Friday through Monday Zach and I went with our church’s high school youth group on winter retreat as leaders. We had a blast and some crazy times (see below!) and also many heart to heart times as well. It’s funny how you go with the mindset of solely serving and being there for others, but then God rocks your world as well. The weekend was wonderful and the students in our group are so dear to our hearts – we love you guys and are so proud of you!

Here is us with (most of) our group on the last day:

Can you spot us? Some parents think we are students! … lol.

An interesting element added on retreat is that on the last night each small group had to perform a skit. On Saturday each group was given 3 elements they had to incorporate in the skit. These were ours:

1) Gladiators
2) Hannah Montana vs. The Jonas Brothers
3) Ancient Rome

Our group didn’t feel like putting forth the energy to make the skit and then have to perform the skit live on stage, so we had the crazy idea to be a bit lame, and do it all on video so we didn’t have to go up and act it out. The funny thing was, is it actually turned out pretty good and we WON first place!!!!!!! woo hooo!

For your enjoyment we bring to you our creation…

OK, so maybe it was not fair that we also did a sweet Rock-Star photo shoot of our look-alike bands, but why not take any advantage that we can to win? :)