The Night My House Burned Down | Part II

Last week’s email really struck a chord with many of you. We received over 150 emails, and some of you shared heart-breaking stories of pain, feelings of defeat, struggle, hope, joy and gladness. We want to say thanks to each and every one of you for taking the time to share. No one is perfect, and we all have our own stuff to deal with and hurdles to overcome, regardless of how perfect things may seem from the outside. We hope to continue to be a voice that has meaning in your lives and speaks truth.

Last week I (Zach) covered how I developed a mind-set of powerlessness. This week we are going to dive deeper into that mind-set and show you how to recognize it, and once you expose it to the light, work through the steps to defeat it in order to create a life that is limitless.

Powerlessness is one of the primary effects of poverty.”

Danny Silk, Culture of Honor

Winning in life or business is dependent on exposing the lies we have believed, and bringing truth into our minds and hearts. When we do that, we open our self up to the limitless possibilities of what we can do when we believe that anything is possible.

Let’s get started.


Poverty is infectious.

I am not talking about money, influence or how much stuff you have. I am talking about an impoverished mind.

Thinking this way is dangerous, destructive and holds many people down.

Today I want to lift you UP and show you that poverty does not have to overtake you.

Once I was exposed to the truth of how I thought, I had the potential for change. But first I had to see that my mind-set was one of poverty in every sense of the word.

Growing up I believed that success was something I would never have (and was not even sure what “success” was). I believed that an education was so far out of my reach that it literally felt like a mountain inside my mind that I could never ascend. That belief system made me feel powerless, and it wasn’t until I was EXPOSED to the truth (and stopped believing the way that I did) that I was able to change.

One of the keys that started me on my journey to healing was learning about three main mindsets that people have, and how each mindset affects how you think and behave. 


Now, remember, these are MINDsets. We’re not talking about money, though each mindset can affect one’s income. We’re talking about a Poor way of believing, a Middle class way of believing and a Wealthy way of believing.

The Poor

They believe that they are powerless (like I did). They believe that they are victims and someone else is to blame for where they are, and they believe that external forces are in control of their fate.


  • Powerless over their fate
  • They are victims
  • External forces are controlling their lives


  • Life happens TO you
  • Adaption Required
  • Living Superstitiously

With this belief system you feel like you can’t do much about what happens. You “hope that one day…” and you believe, “if that person had not done this then you would be able to (fill in the blank).” You believe you have zero control and are at the mercy of fate.

This mentality is oppressive and can be fatal to the mind because you feel powerless.



  • More Powerful Interactions (with life)
  • Have choices
  • Can change the environment


  • Believe circumstances can change
  • Dreams can come true IF they choose wise moral and healthy practices

This middle-class mentality is much different than the poor. They believe that if they work hard, pay their dues, and spend their life hard at work (and if their political party stays in power more often than not), they can win a bit bigger than others.

The only issue is there is a ceiling on what they can do, what they can have, and the influence they can exude over their environment. It is still circumstantial because it is based on limitations.

The Wealthy

But there is a 3rd mentality. One that I began to adopt and have been moving towards in the last 7 years of my life. That of the wealthy. (Again, I am NOT talking about having loads of money or tons of things, but a mind-set).


  • Anything is possible
  • Can get whatever they want
  • Nothing and no one can get in their way

Characteristics of the Wealthy: 

  • Limitless Existence
  • Unlimited Choices
  • Create their Change


A mindset of abundance! According to Danny Silk, “The wealthy live in a limitless existence where there is no want. No one keeps them from getting what they set their heart and mind upon. The wealthy are accustomed to getting their way. Whatever they ask for, they receive.”

Imagine if you woke up tomorrow morning and you were told, “Whatever you believe and whatever you set out to do will succeed.” How would that change your interactions that day? You would hop out of bed with more confidence in your step knowing you could conquer the world and that anything was in your grasp.

But how many of us wake up each morning feeling powerless? Like nothing is going to go in our favor today? Like we have to brace ourselves for the worst… Life change will not occur if this is where are minds are stuck.

Change begins to happen once we start changing the way we THINK. 

THIS is the kind of thinking I want to have!

Many books out there speak to this:

“You are the master of your destiny. You can influence, direct and control your own environment. You can make your life what you want it to be.”

Napoleon HillThink and Grow Rich

“Thoughts create beliefs in the conscious mind; once sent to the subconscious, those beliefs become feelings and actions.”

-Maxwell Maltz

“Uncertainty (of mind) is a spiritual enemy that will siphon out your rocket fuel. It turns go-getters into giver-uppers.” 

Tim SandersToday We Are Rich: Harnessing The Power Of Total Confidence

If we are to succeed in life (and yes, in business), we have to learn how to shift our mind-set from one of poverty to one of TRUE wealth.

This IS possible for anyone! Once we begin to have a Wealthy mindset, we can conquer anything we set out to do, can have a wealthy spirit that can live in complete peace and be at rest, and live in complete abundance that can create wealth around itself and freely give.

This is how I want to live each day. Do you?

Next week I will share with you the the practical steps on how you can begin to change the way you think so you can become rich in mind, spirit and body. Until then, read back on each mindset and see what belief set you feel you often relate to the most.

Thanks for sharing in this journey with me.

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