The Process of Decorating our Home with our Family Session, PART II

Last week we showed you how we decorated our home with canvases from our family shoot taken by Amy and Jordan Photography.  This week, we want to show you what else we did with images from the family session.

(Specific product information is listed at the bottom of this post)

When we were building our home, we had a light fixture installed in the ceiling of one of our hallways because we knew we wanted to light a photo display.


We have always had canvases in our home, and we love them, buuut we wanted something a bit different. I was looking into the collage wall displays from our lab, Bay Photo and knew this was what we wanted to do!  I found a collage that I really liked and then I taped our wall off (again, yes, I know there are programs for this, but sometimes I just like getting my hands dirty ;o).


Then, I finalized the images that I wanted on that wall from our photo session!  I wanted to make sure that there was a shot in there of just us and I wanted to make that the focal point of this collage.  As awesome as having our son has been, it’s always been important to us to make sure that our roles as husband and wife don’t get lost in the mix of being mom and dad.

We looooooooove this shot from Jordan and Amy and knew this one was going in the collage :)

I also wanted a photo of each of us with Jaxon and the below two are the ones we landed on.

blog collage 2

And finally, we needed some as a family!  Jaxon is such a happy kid and we loved how we had so many smiling images of the little man to pick from.

blog collage

I ordered the ThinWraps and they came in in less than a week and I was Soooooooooooo excited to hang them!  It MAY have taken a few nail holes to get them spaced perfectly, but I did it!



I love how these came out and they are my new favorite way to display images.  They are thin, lightweight and really easy to hang in the back.


For those of you wondering, the ThinWraps come with an option mounting block and I LOVE the look that they give as they are set out from the wall.


It is SO fun to walk up our steps and see this every day as we head into the office. I love love love having our family displayed around the house.   Thank-you again, Amy and Jordan for giving us images that we will always treasure!!

We have a few more walls to fill so we would love to hear how you have been decorating your own walls!  Leave them in the comments below :)


For those of you wondering the specific product information, here it is!

– The ThinWraps are from Bay Photo

– These are the Standard ThinWraps with the mounting block, lustre finish

– The squares are 11.5×11.5″  and the center image is 24×36″

– We ordered the Timeless Wall Cluster but in the notes asked that the center image be 24×36″ instead of the collage’s 20×24″ because we didn’t want any of the center cropped and we had some wall space to fill up!


Full disclosure: We have not been paid to talk about Bay Photo on this post or the other, nor do we get any kickback from orders you place with them :)  We truly love the company and products and are MORE than thrilled to blog and talk about them here :)