The Surprise of Success | 15 Tips on Living the Life You’ve Always Dreamed Of

What is success?

Ever sit down and truly ask yourself that question?

Ever felt like you reached what you thought was “success” and you had some surprises?

We’d love to share with you an ebook that we are a part of – The Surprise of Success | 15 Tips on Living the Life You’ve Always Dreamed Of. This project was lead by author Jeff Goins and we’re incredibly honored to be a contributor amid so many other great writers, speakers and bloggers.

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We wanted to share with you our contribution:

Success comes in all sorts of shapes and sizes. It’s ambiguous. It’s subjective. Success to one person may be making a 6-figure income, even if it demands 60 hours a week, and success to another may be making just enough so they can be home and available to their family.

When we first got married back in 2005, all we had between the two of us was a GED, a college degree, a few thousand dollars in debt, and an income of 24,000. Success to us at that point was finding jobs we loved, paying off our debt and saving up to eventually buy a home.

Fast forward nine years to present day and one could safely say that we achieved success beyond what we ever could have possibly dared to dream as newlyweds. We paid off our debt, started our own business, eventually quit our day jobs, and we not only excelled at our profession but began to teach others how to be great at their craft and thrive in business. We traveled across the globe speaking at conventions and teaching workshops. We saved up for a house, bought our first home.

It seemed like everything we set out to do and worked hard for, just worked.

Long gone was the GED high school graduate wondering if he could ever amount to anything. Long gone was the college graduate wondering what in the world she was going to do with her life.

We had purpose. We had success.

And then the crap hit the fan…

The one thing we wanted the most and worked the hardest for wasn’t happening. We were having extreme difficulty staying pregnant.

It was in the middle of that struggle and in those dark moments that the success we had strived for and achieved seemed trivial. So silly. So pointless. We would have traded in a heartbeat our incomes, our home, anything, for what was really important—a family. Someone to raise. Someone to love. Someone that’s half of each of us. Our legacy.

Now that we have been blessed with a child on this side of heaven, our lives have been richer than we ever could have thought possible. Having our lives become about something more important than us has been way more fulfilling than making a great income or living in a beautiful home.

Yes, it’s easy to get sucked back into the rat race – it will always be beckoning, but success to us now has transformed into things that are more long-lasting. Things that matter more. There is nothing wrong with hard work and enjoying the harvest from that work. However, when our whole purpose becomes striving after goals and achievements that will soon fade away, we soon are left more unfulfilled than we may have thought possible.

Success to us now looks a little different. Yes, having a profitable business is still a goal, but ultimately striving for our own achievements and making ourselves happy is not fulfilling. Giving of ourselves for someone else and for a greater purpose is what true success is for us.

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