The Two Rivers Mansion Wedding of Nicole and Rhett!

We had the fun privileged of shooting Rhett & Nicole’s spring wedding last month at Two Rivers Mansion! This wedding was put together by none other than Mary Natalie with Weddings By Mary Natalie, and she and her team did a simply stunning job with the all the details and the wedding day!

The day started off with some rainfall and all the guy’s photos were shot on the front porch making use of the available light and pulling out some of our strobes, but as soon as Nicole came out – the rain stopped and the sun shone away!!! The rain held off throughout the ceremony, photos of Nicole and Rhett, and the reception, but literally, FIVE minutes after the last song played…. a drop of rain was felt.. then another… and then TORRENTIAL DOWNPOUR! :) How’s that for timing? The day was fantastic and fun was had by all. We are so glad that we were able to be a part of it!

To view images of their wedding once they are released online, sign up for their virtual guest book HERE.

Enjoy images from their wedding day!

Nicole looked absolutely stunning with her hair by Mary Malone and makeup by Kristina Arlund!

Nashville, TN Wedding Photography

Nashville, TN Wedding Photography

Nashville, TN Wedding Photography

Nashville, TN Wedding Photography

Nicole & Rhett – we had a blast being a part of your wedding day and are so excited for you both! Congrats on being married and welcome to the club :)

Cheers to all of the FAB vendors who pulled together to make this day happen for Nicole & Rhett:

Makeup by Kristina Arlund.

Hair – Mary Malone

Cake – The Sweetest Day

Rentals – Southern Events

Nashville Wedding Reception Lighting – The killer team from Nashville Event Lighting

Caterer – Bacon and Caviar (seriously, the best catered wedding food we have tasted in a long time!)

DJ – Nashville Party Authority

The BEAUTIFUL and fresh wedding flowers- Fresh by Carry Ann

Photobooth- Party Booths

Get-away Vehicle – Matchless Limo

  • Nicole Kemper

    THANK YOU for putting the blog up early and THANK YOU for being AMAZING. We love all the images and can not wait to see the rest. You guys helped make our day perfect!!!!

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    All my love,
    your friend, Lisa

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