The Willy Wonka (Schakolad) Chocolate Factory

Are you needing some Valentines Day goodness for your special someone? Well look no further! Zach and I experienced the joy and delight of Schakolad Chocolate Factory today, and we now can say we have lived life to the fullest ;o)

This place has everything you can imagine when it comes to chocolate – chocolate records, chess boards, soccer balls, and yes, even chocolate handcuffs and body paint. You need it, they have it, and if they don’t have exactly what you’re looking for, they can custom make it!

Zach and I met Taylor and his sweet wife Tara earlier this month and really clicked! They are both great business people and are nice as well (always a bonus :). Taylor owns & manages the Schakolad Chocolate Factory in Cool Springs and Tara owns My Lavish Event wedding planning. She actually blogged on us a few posts back so make sure to hit her blog up and see what other goodness she is sharing on :)

Ok, ok, now it’s time for the photos – we know that’s why you all come to our blog anyway :)

Custom chocolate being made for Arrington Vineyards

Taylor the chocolatier! (Thank-you Kristine… he he he.)

We followed them along in the making of their chocolate dipped cherries! I’m not sure if we’re allowed to share the secrets of what they are actually dipping the cherries in (besides obviously chocolate), so just enjoy the process!

The chocolate dipping begins!

Finished and ready to eat!! I (Jody) ate one of the dark chocolate dipped cherries and they were sooooo good!

There were so many different things to shoot so to see all the really cool stuff, you’ll just have to visit the store :)

Here is myself with Tara & Taylor

You can find Schakolad Chocolate Factory in Cool Springs in the same complex where Borders is located!