This Made Our Day | A Little Thanks Goes a Long Way

In the digital age of emails and text messages, there is nothing like a good old hand-written note, and even cooler – a package!

Last week, right after our photography workshops, and right before we zipped out of town, we got the coolest package in the mail from one of our workshop attendees – Kirsten Reed

Kirsten knew the direct way to our hearts to thank us – Starbucks, fun accessories (yes, she made the watch!), and Skittles! … you can see there aren’t too much skittles left from the ginormous bag she sent us. Can you tell which colors are our favorites? ha ha.

Anyway, getting little notes like this warms our hearts and we just want to take a moment here and thank Kirsten as well as all of the others who have sent emails, text messages, notes, and even phone calls to thank us and bless us back. It’s people like you who keep us going and doing what we are doing!

If you haven’t thanked anyone lately – take a moment and do that today. You can make someone’s day!

  • Dawn Beirnes

    this isn’t the first time I’ve asked you guys a “newbie” question, but I wanted to ask someone who is local (I live in Smyrna) when it comes to photog questions. I’m so new, so I want to ask the best! When I finally do what would be my first “free” shoot just to get experience, exposure, etc. what is the best way to get the prints for the potential customer? Just for experience. I’ve been shooting my grandsons football games, and people always want photos of their kids, and I want to make sure that ebe though I’m very new that I still get a good photo and good prints for them so they’ll remember me and pass my name around. Thanks so much for answering my questions!

    • Jody Gray

      Dawn – We responded in full via email! Let us know if you don’t receive it :)

  • Sarah Addison

    Totally agree about cards! I love receiving them, and I always try to write cards promptly. Nothing beats getting a little note in the mail, no matter what the occasion.

  • dawn beirnes

    thanks so much guys! You are the best!