Artist Album Cover Shoot |Lainey Wright

We photographed new recording Artist Lainey Wright awhile back and are stoked to share not only the images with you, but some behind the scenes shots and set ups as well! Check out the shoot!

We started off shooting in the amazing Westlight Studio in Franklin, TN which has some awesome set-ups and gear for any type of photo and even some video work! Check them out if you’re interested in a rental and tell them we sent you.

Here is the set-up of this series of images. I loved the natural light coming through the windows, and after our direction meeting with the artist, we knew that she wanted a softer look to the shots. So, with that in mind, we intentionally slowed the shutter down to drag some of that natural light in and wrap around Lainey to give it that soft airy look.

We also have a large, 39 inch Deep Octo light modifier from Elinchrom as our main light pictured to the left, and two 40 degree grid back lights for separation.

We decided to do one contrasty lit shot on this background, even though I knew she wanted that soft look to the shots. She ended up picking one of these images, so we are glad we did it! We set up a 22 inch silver soft Beauty Light which gives a very directional light that is ultra soft when used in close. We then added a 40 degree grid to the background light and the kicker light pictured to camera right in the behind the scenes shot. We dropped the kicker light -1 stop lower than the main light, and dropped the background light -2 stops lower than the main light for this effect.

We then headed out on-location for the rest of the images! We have this amazing tall grass field near our house that was perfect for that organic, outdoor look that she wanted.

Here we were doing flash shots like above, but wanted more flare. Since we were using strobes and already overpowering the sun, we need a little extra boost to get this added flair effect. Check below to see how we did it!

In this behind the scenes shot, you can see that our assistant is holding his hands in front our lens. He is actually holding some yellow broken glass that we bought from Hobby Lobby, then broke into pieces to add flair.

We had some glass just like this, held it off to the sides of the lens, then made sure some sun, or flash, was hitting the glass so it would refract back into the lens and create the controlled flair effect. Pretty cool!

Here we are using some large colored beads that were translucent and holding them again in front of the lens to give this effect. The main light is a white reflector bouncing direct sun back in her face.

We took a few all natural shots with just a kiss of reflector as the sun just went down and we had this loss of contrast lighting.

These images were shot just as the sun had set and we had this amazing rich sky that we get in TN all the time due to the high humidity. We set up one main light to camera left, then a kicker light with a grid to camera right. This gave us super soft light from the Deep Octa on her face and body, then a harsh separation light to pop her out of the background. The background light was metered to -1 stop from the main light settings. We also used the Tiffen .9 ND filter so that we could shoot at a very shallow depth of field. Most of these were shot at 2.8. (Be sure that the filter you buy, fits on your lens. The linked one is for a 72mm lens).

Light Rig: Elinchrom Quadra 2 light kit

 We hope you guys enjoyed the shoot! If there is a particular technique or shot that you want us to break down and show you all the ins and outs of how we did it, leave a comment below and we will cover it!