‘Tis the Season!

Ah, fall… what a great season… True, it’s the busiest time of the year for us, but we love it just the same. This weekend was a rare treat for us – we had it off (the calm before 4 weddings in a row) and we enjoyed it to its fullest!

On Saturday Zach and I went with some friends of ours, Cliff and Kristine, to Pumpkinfest close to home right in downtown Franklin! It’s a big event every year (good luck finding a close parking space) with music, costume contests, children’s activities, a chili cookoff, crafts, dancing, and many other things. We had a nice time enjoying the weather and being with our friends! (We even had our picture taken with a 15 foot tall creepy skeleton guy!).

On Sunday after youth group small groups we went to our dear friend Anna’s house where she was hosting her annual Pumpkin Carving Party. The votes were close, my friends, and Zach and I, for our 2nd year in a row, landed in 2nd place. The theme was 70’s Rock and we thought ours was the most appropriate to win the glowing bobble head mummy trophy, but you really can’t compete with a pumpkin with guts falling out of his head…. *sighs*

Please enjoy our awesome freehand pumpkin with the Flying V guitar, 3D amp, and shaded rocker hand.

This morning we are up early to go to the Get Motivated Business Seminar with some great speakers like Zig Zigler, Mayor Rudy Giuliani, Rick Belluzo and others! We are excited – see some of you vendors and friends there!!