Behind the Scenes: the new look for Zach & Jody

The amazing and super-talented identity specialist, Melissa Love gave us a whole new brand identity!! We LOVE our new site and we wanted you to hear from Melissa, the process that we went through.

Having a strong brand is one of the most important things for your business and we highly recommend that if you have any $$ to spend, put it toward having a solid brand that represents you well! Remember, perception is reality. You may be the BEST photographer out there but if your brand looks unprofessional and not put together, that is what people will perceive your business as.

Listen to Melissa share the process that we went through to bring our brand where it is today!


I’m not sure who is more excited about the new visual identity and website for Zach & Jody – me or them.

I’ve been lucky enough to attend several of their business workshops over the past year. Like many people who have been able to tap into their business experience, I’ve learned tips and tricks from them that have transformed my business, so it’s been a thrill to have the opportunity to help them transform theirs – visually at least!

We started the process by spending time talking about the transition from Gray Photography to the Zach & Jody identity that they wanted to move towards. We agreed that the new identity needed to be fresh, sophisticated and able to showcase the warm personalities of Zach & Jody. In addition, the identity needed to be flexible enough to appeal to both brides and photographers.

I even got the chance to set Zach & Jody some homework. I feel that most design trends are driven by printed media so I sent them off to buy a selection of magazines – bridal, fashion & style – as well as taking a good look at their home & studio surroundings. They spent an entertaining few hours ripping inspirational images and making collections based around colour, texture, typography & style.



After further discussion, I put together a digital mood board which reflected the tone of the inspiration board they had compiled, with the beginnings of ideas for texture, typography and colour.

It didn’t take us long to agree on a logo – sophisticated but dynamic – and a set of textures & typefaces to signify different areas of the business. We settled on elegant text with pretty bokeh circles for the main wedding photography website, a fashion-led font with a lightburst to signify areas for photographers and lastly a dark distressed concrete texture and some custom icons to lead visitors to the blog and social media areas. And of course, there had to be coffee! Everyone knows how much Zach & Jody love Starbucks!

With the identity kit ready to go, building the website was a smooth process. Zach & Jody have been long-time fans of Showit so not only did I get to build their new site using one of my favourite tools, I got the opportunity to try out a new Showit feature that’s coming really soon – mobile HTML5 – which will display a perfect copy of your main website on all mobile devices. Knowing this was on the cards, we made sure to build the site to be responsive to any size or shape of browser. The result – sophisticated, warm, friendly and full of personality.

Zach & Jody – thanks for the opportunity to crash your blog. It’s been a pleasure working with you on this fun transformation and I can’t wait to see you in action on Creative Live!

We’ll be rolling out Zach & Jody’s new identity across all of their sites and to this awesome blog too, in the coming weeks.

Melissa x


Isn’t that so exciting?? If you’ve enjoyed reading about the design process, there are plenty more stories on Melissa’s design blog as well as a sneak preview of her new online design store which is launching shortly! SO exciting!