Tuesday Photo Tips & Tricks | How to Have a Higher Closing Rate


Have you ever found yourself on the phone or in person with a potential client and you have listened to their needs and wants and then you have finally told them about your services and answered any questions that they have, and then comes the awkward moment…

The chirping cricket moment

The moment where silence seems to drag on like an eternity and you’re thinking to yourself, “Do they like me? Does what I offer sound good to them? Can they afford me? Do they want to hire me?” But you have absolutely no idea and they aren’t saying anything, so you result to the most defeating and non-resolving thing you feel you can say –

Well…. let me know…”

Then you hang up or they begin to gather their belongings, and you know as soon as the phone line goes dead or as soon as you watch the back of their heads retreating, you more than likely will never hear back from them. Car salesmen call this a “be back.” If someone leaves from the sale, statistics say that 80% of people are never coming back.

What is needed is a CLOSE!

You need to close this bad boy without sounding pushy or weird. The close is the most important part of the consultation. Whether we like it or not, all of us are in sales and we need to be able to bring the meeting to a place where it’s not left open-ended. We have for you one of the best things you can ask your clients,

Does this sound like what you’re looking for?”

This line we heard is the absolutely best thing that you can say to get your potential clients sharing their thoughts of the last half hour (or more!) that they have spent with you. They will say one of two things:

1) “Yes, this sounds amazing! We would love to book you!
If that is their response, you know what to say: “Fabulous! I’m so looking forward to working with you!” and then you follow up with a contract and details of securing your services.

OR their answer could be:

2) “No” or “Maybe
If this is their response, then follow up with this question:

What is your hesitation?”

This allows your potential client to share with you what may be holding them back from making the decision and then gives you the opportunity to possibly solve it! Some reasons you may not be able to solve (e.g. “Well, you are $7,000 and my budget is $500, can you come down on price?”) or it may be as simple as the client sharing with you that they can’t put 50% down right now to book you. That is definitely something you can solve! If this client is a good fit for you and your business you can tell them that because you would love to work with them that you are willing to make an exception and they can reserve you at 25% down. Then ask them if that works for them!

You would not believe some of the small hesitations that clients have and you can easily solve their problem by listening and then offering a solution (that’s a good life lesson there!).

Now go forth ;o) and close those meetings!!!
Anyone else have any other great closers that they use?