Traveling With Gear!

Hey all of you amazing blog followers out there! Today we are taking questions again from the audience! We have received a ton of great emails from some of you photographers and we are going to highlight one for you right here on the bliggity blog! The question today is from Jen in Jacksonville, FL. She writes:

“Hi guys- thanks as always for sharing your wealth of knowledge! I do have a question about what you do when you travel. I’ve noticed you’ve been flying a lot lately for weddings and would love to know what you bring with and if you trust the airline with checking all of your equipment. Can you fly with a Vagabond? I just booked my first destination wedding (Boston!! So excited!) and am trying to figure out what I’m going to do. Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much! keep on rockin!!”

Awesome question! So, you are flying, want to protect your gear, and want to be able to bring everything that you need with you so that you can shoot the way you want to shoot. What do you bring and how do you bring it? So, here is our set up that we have right now here in California.

We have our Lowe-Pro rolling bag, our Elinchrom Ranger Quadra light rig (the whole 400 watt second kit weighs in at a mere 9 pounds), a 24×32 inch Westcott softbox, two 42 inch Westcott reflectors and a small Westcott light stand. We carry on everything except the reflectors which we check in our luggage bag (those can’t really break) and our light stand which gets taped up and checked.

Here is our entire rig. This is our rolling Lowe Pro camera bag with all of our lenses and camera bodies. Then, the blue case in the front is our light kit with the Elinchrom Ranger Quadra. There is two of everything in the light kit, so you could make this bag half this size if you wanted to travel ultra light.

Here is our old Photogenic light sitting next to the new Elinchrom light. BIG difference!:)

Here is the light set up on the 24×32 inch softbox from Westcott Lighting that we use for almost all of our on-location portrait work.

Here is one of the first bridal shots that we have taken with the new light rig. This baby is pretty amazing (and the bride looks pretty sweet too!)! You can’t do this without big, powerful off camera lighting.

Have other questions about anything business or gear related? Send us an email through our photographer website and we just might answer it here on the blog!