Business Finances, Part I: Budgets

You have asked for it, and we’re giving it to you – A post on business finances!

We have learned a lot over the past 6.5 years with our personal and business finances, but before we even get into managing business finances, it all starts with setting good foundations for those spending habits.

…. and this is where budgets come into play! Listen how to get an instant pay raise and to start the steps of having financial freedom by getting on a budget!!!

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DOWNLOAD HERE the excel sheet that we use to get the correct denominations of cash for our monthly spending.

Here is an additional video to walk you through how we utilize the excel sheet we have created.

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We hope you have enjoyed week 1 on Business Finances! If you have any questions, makes sure to list them below and we’ll try to cover them in our further videos!


#1. List monthly bills
#2. Create cash budget categories
#3. Save monthly receipts
#4. Look for areas to reduce spending
#5. Agree on a monthly cash spending budget
#6. Take out cash


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