Camera Neck Strap vs. the Hand Strap

There are certain accessories that we use that make our jobs a lot easier and this post highlights one of those pieces!

Ever find yourself on a shoot and for convenience you have your camera strapped around your neck?  The problem we run into is sometimes when we turn the camera the strap falls in the way and it becomes just plain annoying.  It’s long, can get in the way, and not to mention the strain it can cause your neck after hanging there all day.

Enter the solution – the Canon Hand Strap!

People see these hand straps on our camera and we often get asked what they are and if we like them.  Well, wonder no further. The hand strap helps control and support the camera and you can even use it if you have a battery grip on your camera…. and yes, we love ’em!  The hand grips are adjustable too and you can fit them to whatever size your hand needs :)  My hands are a bit smaller than Zach’s so I keep mine not as taut so my fingers can still reach the buttons on top of the camera when changing around my settings.  The hand strap doesn’t get in the way of your shooting and if you want to set your camera down it’s as easy as slipping your hand out.  It’s also nice as well because it is well padded and doesn’t irritate your hand as you’re shooting through out the day.

You can find and buy these hand grips online at Adorama and Nikon also has a hand strap that you can also purchase.

Here’s to shooting made easier!  Any of you have accessories that you use and like?

  • Kelli Nixon Photography Denver

    I find that my handgrip makes the camera too heavy for me, especially with the big lenses on. Then, because of the way they connect to the camera, they get in the way when I shoot vertical. My problem is that my hands are too small to hold the camera vertically around the grip connection.

    My husband has no problem with hand grips but chooses instead to use the Black Rapid strap. He says he hates shooting without it. I have the same problem with the Black Rapid. So, I use a neoprene strap that SmugMug gave me at WPPI. Old fashioned neck strap….

  • Laura

    I love that you used the word taut. My husband makes fun of me for using that word, so I’m happy to see fellow users! ;) hahaha

    • Jody Gray

      @Laura – Lol! That’s too funny… he he he

  • Kelli

    Good idea! I’ve been looking for something to help with “strap control” :-) and that looks like a good alternative. I’ve also seen a lot out there about the “R-Strap” so I’ve been considering it, but I haven’t heard of anyone that uses + loves it.

  • Melissa Brandman

    wow, this post AND comments are super helpful! I was second shooting this weekend and became SO annoyed with my neck strap. I’m liking the hand strap idea but I am a little worried about the weight when I have a big lens attached.

    Thanks for posting – going to check out the Nikon hand strap right now…

  • MelissaFoscardo

    For some reason, this post reminds me of the boxers vs. briefs question
    :-) I’ve considered the hand strap for just the reasons you mentioned…I can’t tell you how many times I’m getting ready to take a shot and the strap falls across the eyepiece. Annoying!

  • Leah Bowman

    Jody! This is too funny! I was just saying to Chris last weekend that I wanted to get a hand strap because I’m always pulling my camera off my neck (even with the long strap) to get the shot I want! Thanks for the extra little push to head to B&H and check them out! LOL

    (((HUGS))) Leah

  • Kevin Autry

    I’ve been frustrated for the same reasons. I have a Camdapter on order now, should be here in the next couple of days, I’ll post what I think of it. Reason for going with the Camdapter ( is: the straps that run through the pad are side-by-side as opposed to on top of each other…it should distribute the weight a little better.

  • nancy m.

    Thanks for sharing your wonderful TUESDAY TRICKS! You guys are THE BOMBDIGGITY!

  • AmyPunky Photography

    I bought this hand strap 2 weeks ago and I LOVE it!! I hated the camera neck strap!!

  • Michelle

    Thanks for posting this! I’m actually going to therapy right now for a repetitive strain injury on my right hand from shooting so much. I’ve been trying different hand splints that can give some support for when I’m working but haven’t tried a camera hand strap yet and was really wondering how photogs like them. I guess I never tried it before because I just didn’t like the idea of having to hold the camera all the time. My husband has the R-Strap though and absolutely LOVES it, but I think it’s a man thing. It’s kind of uncomfortable for us girls to wear as it crosses over the chest ;) The other thing I found is that if you get the one that has the pocket on the strap (for storing memory cards and such) the pocket moves around and finds it’s way under my neck. I do believe that there is a double R-Strap so if you are carrying 2 cameras this might work better as each camera would balance each other out and prevent it from moving so much. Hope this info helps anyone else out that might be considering purchasing one :)