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Today we have an absolute special treat for you. If you have not heard of Lawrence Chan (, then consider this your introduction and make sure to follow Lawrence’s blog… but only if you want your business to grow :) Lawrence Chan is a marketing strategist for smart photographers who authors a blog, a pricing e-book and, most recently, a published book — Social Media Marketing for Digital Photographers.

We have been following Lawrence for at least a year now and had the amazing pleasure of finally meeting him in person 2 weeks ago out in San Diego. This guy is as legit as they come! Pay close attention, as Lawrence is on a whole other level of marketing and strategy! With social media changing the way we do business, getting the word out about your services has changed as well. How do we best reach our clients? How do we best draw them into what we do? Without further ado, read below!


2 Ways to Create Ads worth Engaging – by Tofurious

I recently discovered Mad Men – an American television series that takes place in the 1960s about an advertisement agency. It’s quite fascinating. A lot of the marketing approaches parallel that of today’s, except for one thing – today’s technology is more advanced, thus allowing for social engagement.


Title card courtesy of Mad Men


Before we vilify the concept of advertisements, please understand that they do work in keeping top of mind awareness. Otherwise, the entire industry would have collapsed already. Last time I checked, TV commercials, radio sponsors and full-page magazine ads are still prevalent.

In the past, advertisement agencies projected information — one directionally. Obviously, you technically can’t engage with a commercial or billboard, so how does one do it? There are a slew of approaches and below are some examples.

1. Content Strategy – using relevant content to pique curiosity

2. Content Engagement – asking for feedback or submission

Benefit Them

Content strategy is essentially creating content that benefits your clientele. This defies conventional approaches of buy my stuff.

Take Pork Be Inspired as an example. Instead of suggesting consumers to buy more bacon, they offer free recipes and culinary inspirations as TV commercials!


Image Courtesy of Pork Be Inspired


Their goal is that the next time you’re wondering whether to have chicken or pork for dinner, hopefully Pork Be Inspired will be the first website to come to mind for ideas … thus, more pigs consumed.

Similarly, the next time a family is in need of portraits, hopefully you’ll be the first photographer to come to mind.

Get where this is going? Here are some content strategy ideas. Top of mind awareness!

Engage Through Inspiration

Canon created a commercial that asked people to submit photos to inspire Ron Howard in creating a Hollywood short film called Project Inspiration.


You could submit photos taken from any camera. However, if you’re on the fence about which camera to buy in the future, and just saw Ron Howard’s film that was most likely shot by Canon cameras, you might just buy a Canon.

Again, top of mind awareness. And an opportunity for social engagement. I will be sharing some tactics using this strategy at my seminar with DWF in January 2012.

Long Term

So, what happened to the olden days of Mad Men when brands didn’t need to engage and inspire customers? Simple – social media happened.

Back then, it was difficult to collaborate with others. Now, we even have hash tags like Twitter‘s #ATTsucks. Conversely, if you learn how to harness the power of amplified voices, imagine the potential referral power for your business.


Lawrence Chan

P.S. I’ve just watched up to Season 01 Episode 07 of Mad Men and it’s consuming all of my time! I need a Mad Men intervention.

P.P.S. For those who watch the show, doesn’t it make you want to drink a glass of scotch? And sometimes light a cigarette (even though I don’t smoke). Maybe it’s just me.


Wow! Is Lawrence not amazing?! We love how he challenges us to market to our brides with social media outlets like Facebook, by doing Content Marketing. So how can we break that down even further and apply that to our business?

A few ideas: Make sure that you don’t write for yourself and only talk about things that you care about, but write for your bride. Write about things that she cares about (like marriage and marriage resources that you have found), and ask your bride (and her friends who are your potential clients) questions that allow them to engage through that Content. If a bride (or any potential client) sees you as a resource for things that she cares about and things that can make her life better, then your value will be unmatched. The more valuable you are to clients, the more valuable you are! And value is what you need to establish for any potential client. Tim Sanders, in his book Love is the Killer App, talk about this very thing. He says, “Give people your knowledge about the things that you have learned that can enhance their life (think about doing a once a week blog or facebook post about marriage books, ways to make your marriage better or whatever your bride is most interested in knowing more about), give them your network (any resources that you may have that can help them and give it them for free) and do it out of a true love and compassion for them, and you will be the most valuable person in their life.”

We have done that in our business for years and have seen a HUGE response from our clients. One thing that we have done for many years, is simple send our brides a $10 Starbucks gift card exactly 2 weeks before their wedding day. We know that the last few weeks can be the most hectic, so we send the gift card with a hand written note that says “we know this time can be stressful, so take an hour out of planning to connect over a cup of coffee, on us, and NO wedding talk allowed!” Our brides have responded by telling us how quick they forgot that the wedding was about them, and not about the details of the wedding day. We do that because we truly care about their marriage, and they respond by shouting our name to their friends!

Interested in more of Lawrence Chan’s amazing info? Check out his new book Social Media Marketing for Digital Photographers!

Lawrence featured us in his book along with some other awesome photographers and marketing gurus and business people like Jasmine Star, Becker, Jerry Ghionis, Grace Ormond and more.