Making File Sharing EASY!

We are all about sharing products and tools that work well for us and that we love!!! Here is our latest Tuesday Tips & Tricks that has made some areas in our business much more easier and efficient!

One of the most biggest complaints we hear from vendors is that they never get images from photographers. As photographers it does take a little more effort and time to do this, but it is SO WORTH IT. After you have gone through all of the work to pull out the images for the vendors, the next biggest hurdle is to actually get the files to the vendor easily so they can use them on their blog or website. You can send them in the mail but then you have to burn a disc, get a nice case, package it nicely, put the address on and then finally make a trip to the post office. OR the other option is to email the images, but then not only do the files clog up your email but also their inbox as well. What a pain! You can use FTP programs or have them download them from your site, but sometimes that can be a little cumbersome. There IS a another option…

We have a great, FREE solution we would like to share with you that we have been using for the last six months to send images to vendors, brides, companies, family, and even to each other. Friend and fellow photog Kristine Neeley introduced it to us and it has been awesome!

Introducing…. Dropbox!

Dropbox is a single, secure place on your computer (all data is stored online) where you can sync, store and share files online for FREE (up to two GB!) super easily. You can access these files from ANYWHERE – your phone, other computers, AND you can even give others access to specific files and folders to share the contents with them.

How We Use Dropbox, Example 1 – Getting Vendors Images:

1. Once we have pulled out all of the images for our wedding blog, Zach puts them in one folder on the Dropbox from his computer.

2. Our office manager goes in the folder from her computer and uploads the images to the blog.

3. I, Jody, go to the folder and from my computer and I right click (PC :) on the folder and “share” it. “Sharing” the folder opens a new window and allows us to enter in as many people as we want to gain exclusive access to the one folder. We share this folder on Dropbox to all of the vendors who were a part of that particular wedding.

4. The vendor receives an email through Dropbox from us, and all they have to do is follow the instructions and then they gain access to the folder and can pull down any images they would like!

Mission accomplished.

How We Use Dropbox, Example 2 – Just in Case We Lose It:

1. For each wedding we have a folder on our computer where we keep every client’s information about their event, and as we put together the timeline, names of the bridal party, as well as any other schedules from the planner, we put all of the files in the client’s particular folder.

2. The Friday before the wedding, not only do I print off the timeline and shot list for us and for our assistant, I also move the client’s folder onto Dropbox. As things get hectic and busy on the wedding day, it’s so easy to misplace our print offs (even though we have multiple copies) so JUST to be safe, if we lose the shot list or we have to reference something for some reason from the planner’s detailed timeline, we have all the info right with us easily accessible on our phone.

How We Use Dropbox, Example 3 – We. Are. Fam-i-ly (sing it out now!):

1. You all know how it is hanging out with family – you tend to be the only one with a camera whether it be your really nice one, or point and shoot, but regardless, everyone still wants the pictures we have taken and we WANT to share them, but again, it takes a decent amount of effort and time. Family tends to be the last priority (so sorry family!) because they aren’t paying customers and then it’s easy to forget…. =o/

2. Enter onto the scene Dropbox!! We take our images, put them in a Dropbox folder, “share” the images with our families giving them access to all the images and we’re done!

3. The people who are given access to the folder can also upload their own photos. This has been great for family events – everyone is able to put their own images in the folder as well as gain access to the other images.

It’s a beautiful thing.

(Below: us at Family Camp!)

In closing, if you haven’t figured it out by now, we really love Dropbox. There are other resources out there to share files, but this has worked really well for us and we’re digging it because it’s nice and simple and of course, FREE.

Check it out here and don’t forget to GET IMAGES TO YOUR VENDORS! :)

If you have Dropbox already, what are other ways that you utilize it?