Reception Lighting, Part I

It’s Tuesday!! Time to share some more goodness!

Some of the biggest challenges in shooting a wedding is the dreaded RECEPTION! With low lit reception halls, or outdoor receptions with no walls or ceilings to bounce light off of, lighting can most definitely be not for the faint at heart… Today, we are going to tackle one part of reception lighting – how we shoot the details and get fantastic shots consistently and with some style.

Pull up a chair, sit back and relax and watch us tackle Part I of Tuesday Tips & Tricks | Reception Lighting.

Gear we referenced:

42″ 6-in-1 Reflector Kit

Pocket Wizard Transceiver

Westcott Lightweight Stand

Westcott Adjustable Shoe Mount

Canon 580EX Speedlights

Micro Apollo 8″

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    Once again great stuff. Thanks for all the tips and tricks you guys share. You guys rock.

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  • Joe O’Daniels

    This was so helpful! I have been struggling with reception lighting a lot lately and this will definitely help me to gear up properly and knock these shots out! Can’t wait for more!

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  • Lisa Cour

    Ah! Very nice. So simple, easy, no fuss. I don’t have an off camera flash (yet?) so I’ll be going the reflector route at my wedding this weekend. Just wondering how to stay inconspicuous while getting the shots. :)

  • Diana Peters

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  • Tampa Wedding Photographer

    Awesome! Thanks for this. I’ve been looking for some great lighting methods for our receptions.

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  • TJ McDowell

    Receptions are definitely one of the hardest to get the right lighting. For a while, I was completely natural light for all my shots, but the reception shots weren’t coming out good enough. I found, like you guys, did that you pretty much have to add another light source to get decent stuff at receptions.

  • Keenen Brown

    Guys this is what I’ve been looking for – a video explanation of how to solve the lighting problem without anything to bounce it off to. Thank you for posting this and I look fwd to the Part 2 video.
    One question and this may be off topic, but I’ve seen wedding photographers tilt their flash head backwards when shooting people. Is that any better compared to tilting it up and fwd with a diffuser dome on?
    Thanks again.

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  • Jessica

    I am wondering if you have any tips for when you are walking around a reception getting photos of people, and the events that are happening. Would I carry the stand around or any secrets about when wanting to get images in a dark reception of people and finding focus?

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