Secret Service Shooter!

Hey all! This weeks  blog is about none other than communicating like a Secret Service agent/ninja! Let’s jump right in!

When we are out shooting weddings, we have to be a lot of things to a lot of people. From tie tier (one who ties ties), dress bustler (one who bustles dresses), cake cutting instructor, to being the impromptu wedding planner! We have lots of jobs at the wedding, but the most important one is of course, being the photographer. And nothing is worse when shooting with a spouse, a second or an assistant and not being able to stay in constant communication.

The hardest thing during a ceremony is trying to get another person’s attention when they are across the room or the on the other side of the vineyard, especially when you need them in two seconds AND they are totally in your shot (I, Zach am never in Jody’s shots just for the record ;) so, we need a way to stay in touch without having to pull out the cell phone and have guests thinking that we are updating our Facebook status.

Insert awesome walkie talkies!

(Thanks to Instagram for the photo!)

Jody and I have been using these bad boys for the last few years and let us tell you, not only do you look cool as all get out, but they really come in handy when you need to chat! We can’t tell you how many times we have needed to say something really fast in order to get the other person’s attention to be able to nail a shot, get something done or just say I love you (ahhhh, he is sooo sweet!).

So, what do you need to look for when investing in some of these bad boys? Check the list!

Walke Talkies (for the record, these Secret Service EarBuds are way more awesome and easier to shoot with than the headsets that come with the link)

We use the Midland GXT series radios. As you can see, they have been used and abused, but they are still working great! They are easy to use, come with a charging stand (and batteries last all day with no problem), have tons of channels in case you get interference, go about 11 miles and have a “call” button that vibrates the other radios to get their attention. So cool!

Now how cool is that?! As mentioned above, the Ear Buds that come with the radios are really generic and sound awful, so investing in the Secret Service style ones will not only help you hear each other better, but also make you look really cool. They are actually pretty inconspicuous and also have a cool talk back button that can be clipped inside your shirt or sleeve so you don’t have to grab the radio while talking. We love these radios and it helps us shoot the wedding better! So get out there and get your Secret Service action on!