The Beauty of the Expo Disc & White Balance

Don’t you hate it how sometimes you spend FOREVER in Lightroom or Photoshop trying to get the stinkin’ correct white balance for your images?  Waste time no more!  These next minutes will forever change your editing time, and therefore will change your life.


Read on :)

When we first started shooting professionally back in ’07, we (well, really Zach :) stumbled across this awesome little guy called the ExpoDisc, and it truly has changed our editing and edit time.  You know how we’re big advocates of shooting everything in camera so your edit time is next to nil and how we show clients images as we are shooting because they look so great right on the back of our cameras?  Well, the ExpoDisc, my friend, is a HUGE part of this.

The ExpoDisc is essentially a gray card.  Just smaller and more accurate. For those who like to read the detailed information of its workings, you can visit the ExpoDisc web page on Expo Imaging’s site.

The Awesomeness of the Expo Disc:

– It’s small and comes with a strap where you can wear it around your neck or in a little carrying case that attaches to your belt.  SWEET.
– Allows you to get a custom white balance, set it in your camera and all the following images will have beautiful color!  Try showing your subjects your images as you are shooting – they will FLIP!
– If you forget to get a custom WB (which it really takes about 5 seconds and doing it beforehand is the way you want to do it :) then you can grab the WB real quick after shooting in that particular scene and apply it to the previous images in Lightroom later.
– If you have two cameras, only one camera has to get the custom WB and then in post you can simply and quickly apply the correct WB to the other camera’s images so the colors will match!
– The ExpoDisc is great for double checking your exposure!

We believe so strongly in Expo Imaging’s ExpoDisc that we have partnered with them for our IN-CAMERA photography workshops.  Fun times!

They also have used our images for their ads.

The ExpoDisc is seriously a must have for every photographer.  If we didn’t believe in it as much as we do, we wouldn’t be here telling you about it :)

Here are two other examples of images we have taken, and how big of a difference getting a custom WB makes as opposed to guessing or the camera’s awful auto white balance.

The ExpoDisc is put out by Expo Imaging and you can visit their site HERE.

Tips for Purchasing an ExpoDisc:

-We use the ExpoDisc Neutral
– When you buy one, buy the one that fits your biggest lens.

Who else out there uses the ExpoDisc?  Will you ever be able to live without it now?  :)

Happy Tuesday!!!