Our Favorite Lenses Part 2! 100mm Macro

Last week we talked about Zach’s favorite lens and why he loves using it. Today, its my turn!! I love using longer lenses and sneaking into moments from a distance so that our brides do not even know I am there.

One of my favorite lens is the Canon 100mm Macro 2.8.

I like to shoot in really tight. One of the coolest things about this lens is that you can do that easily while still maintaining a nice distance from your subject. A lot of wedding photographer’s go-to lens for makeup shots is maybe the 50mm 1.4 or even better, the 50mm 1.2. The cool thing about the 50mm 1.2 is one can shoot at a really low aperture where everything but what you’re focusing on becomes really soft, but there’s two problems with that – 1) you have to get right up in the bride’s business to get that close up shot, and 2) you have to be at least 1.5 ft away to focus. So it’s hard to get that tight shot because the lens can’t focus that close. Boo. What I love about the 100mm Macro is that if I want, I could get in as close as 5.5 inches away from our bride… not like I would want a shot of literally just her eyeball, but you get the idea :)

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This lens is also GREAT for ring shots. Because it’s a Macro lens and it can focus as close to 5.5 inches away from any subject, you can literally fill the frame with a ring if you want and get in REALLY close! This lens is also very sharp and clear no matter what f-stop you shoot it at. (Tip – When shooting super close ring shots, it’s best to shoot at a higher aperture, say 5.6 and manually focus, and if it’s in low-light, put your camera on a tri-pod).

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This lens is not just great for shooting those small details at a wedding, but also for shooting really nice portraits. Because the human eye and a 50mm lens on a full frame camera see things about the same distance away, everything that is longer than 50mm will look more and more compressed and intimate. So, 100mm looks VERY compressed and intimate and makes for great portraits too! Check out this shot that Zach grabbed with this lens the week we bought it.

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Have you loved on your 100mm Macro lately?  :)

If you have this lens, how do you like to use it?

To view the 100mm lens click here!