Tuesday Photo Tips & Tricks | 300 million minutes gone

Welcome to this week’s Tips & Tricks! When we were flying awhile back, we came across an article, and did you know that gamers play Angry Birds for 300,000,000 minutes each day?? And this app has over more than 500 million downloads!! (Spirit, p. 41.).

300,000,000 minutes is basically 24 years worth of play happening every single hour and almost 1 billion dollars spent!

Michael Chorost, Ph.d and author of the World Wide Mind, says that the reason this game is so addicting is because it is a “terrific manipulator of the brains dopamine system, because of how simple, rewarding and funny it is.” You really want to know what is going to happen after you pull that little slingshot back, so you keep doing it over and over.

You may be saying to us, “Don’t hate on Angry Birds!  I love that game!!”

The answer is NO! There is nothing wrong with playing you some Angry Birds, as long as it doesn’t cost you your business, your family life or cause your priorities to get out of whack. Unfortunately, many of us are addicted to something that is not benefiting our business or lives, and you only have so many minutes in every day, actually there is precisely 1,440 of them.

When you really get down to it, THE most scarce thing in your life is TIME, and what we choose to do with is going to determine the success or failure of the different areas of our lives. If you were to ask yourself right now, “what are the top 5 most important things I want MY life to be about ?” What would those things be? Would they be the things that you are doing right now day in and day out, or are there some “Angry Birds” getting in the way of you succeeding like you know you should be??

The top 5 important things to us are written in our mission statement that hangs on the wall in our office as a reminder of what we want our LIFE to be about:

1. Get to know the Lord by spending time every day in prayer, reading the bible, and talking with each other and others about that relationship.

2. Getting to know each other and spending time working on our marriage by going on dates, talking about deep and intimate thoughts, and laughing together a lot!

3. Spending time, energy and resources to be with our families that live VERY far away from us (we know this takes extra effort, so we have to plan ahead to be with family).

4. Not only spending time with our friends but MAKING time to be with them to build lasting friendships that are meaningful.

5. Grow, not just maintain our business so that we can pay our bills, have money to help our families and causes we believe in, and we will grow our business by reading business books, business blogs, spending time with those that are winning at high level and continuing to get better at our craft by doing. (Notice that this is 5th in priority as the other 4 are much more important)

With the time left, we can play Angry Birds!

David McRaney, writer of You are Not So Smart, says this about one of the most accomplished people of all time (someone who more than likely did not spend his time playing Angry Birds), Mr. Benjamin Franklin.

“Born in 1706 as the eighth of 17 children to a Massachusetts soap and candlestick maker, the chances Benjamin would go on to become a gentleman, scholar, scientist, statesman, musician, author, publisher and all-around general bad-ass were astronomically low, yet he did just that and more because he was a master of the game of personal politics. Franklin’s prospects were dim. With 17 children, Josiah and Abiah Franklin (his parents) could only afford two years of schooling for Benjamin. Instead, they made him work, and when he was 12 he became an apprentice to his brother James who was a printer in Boston. The printing business gave Benjamin the opportunity to read books and pamphlets. It was as if Ben Franklin was the one kid in the neighborhood who had access to the Internet. He read everything, and taught himself every skill and discipline one could absorb from text.

“At 17, Franklin left Boston and started his own printing business In Philadelphia. At age 21, he formed a “club of mutual improvement” called the Junto. It was a grand scheme to gobble up knowledge. He invited working-class polymaths like himself who wanted to experiment in 1700s lifestyle design the chance to pool together their books and trade thoughts and knowledge of the world on a regular basis. They wrote and recited essays, held debates, and devised ways to acquire currency. Franklin used the Junto like a private consulting firm, a think tank, and he bounced ideas off of them so he could write and print better pamphlets. Franklin eventually founded the first subscription library in America and wrote it would make “the common tradesman and farmers as intelligent as most gentlemen from other countries,” not to mention, give him access to whatever books he wanted to buy. Genius.”

Those of us reading this post and who are NOW absorbing what we just heard about Benjamin Franklin are the ones that have a real chance at making their business work, those of us that skipped over that part because there was too much text to read, are unfortunately the ones that may have a really difficult time making their businesses work for them, because you are not committed to growing and learning. :)


So what we are getting at is not that Angry Birds has somehow ruined all of our lives and made us dumb, but rather that we need to find those things (Angry Birds) that are taking the place of us succeeding in our businesses, our marriages and our personal lives. Maybe it’s time spent on email, on Twitter (interactions & tweets that are not helping you gain traction on your business), maybe it’s too much TV or too much time spent editing when you should be marketing.

We want you, TODAY, to write down two or three of those things that are killing your business, killing your friendships or are generally getting in the way of getting you where you want to go.

We then challenge you to figure out what YOUR top 5 priorities are, then make a daily, weekly and monthly plan that incorporates those things as top priorities. Do them FIRST every day for the next month and see if you get some traction on your life and business. We think you will and would love to not only have you actually do it, but then let us know what happens in your relationships and with your business!

So, if you feel a little bold today, tell us what things are getting in the way of you running your business the way you want to run it and you having the relationships you want to have!

The more we talk about it, the more normal we will all feel and the more empowered to change we will all be!

We’ll start first :) For us: Too much Netflix after work is definitely one of our biggest struggles! We want to veg out on “our shows” as we call them, even though we know we need to be focusing on each other more. YOU??