Time better spent!

Today’s post is all about saving you, the awesome photographer, time, which is your most valuable asset. Time is the only thing you can’t get more of in this life, so you need to use it wisely. Sometimes as photographers we just trudge along in many activities within our business and never think about how much time we are actually spending on certain tasks that we do. If you know Jody and I at all, you know that we spend very little time in actual post-production because we work very hard to shoot our images how we want them right in the camera. We do that because we want to spend time with each-other, time building our business and time enjoying life, and not be stuck behind a computer all day editing photos. It’s all about having the freedom to do what you want.

It is really important to not just look at the bottom line at the end of the year to see how “well” you did, but really look at how “well” you are doing per-hour of time worked. It is cool if you can make 100k a year, but not at the expense of losing your personal life and neglecting those that are most important to you and those that need you. Most of us can be scared to look at what our hourly wage might be, but need to do so. When you do, you realize what your time is really worth and what things you should be doing, and more importantly, should NOT be doing! We could write an entire blog post on just this area of business, but for now, we are just going to stick to the tip at hand. :)

So, anytime we see a great piece of technology that helps give us our time back on a day to day basis, we not only use it, but want to share that info with all of you! Today’s awesome time saver is…..

The Delkin Image Router!!

Basically what this baby does, is it downloads not one, but up to four CF cards all at once! You can also daisy chain two together and download up to eight cards at once! What that means is you won’t have to keep coming back to your computer every 6 or 8 minutes and inserting a new card. Instead, you can download all or most of your cards at once and then go have dinner with your wife! Awesome!!

But, why not just buy a 64 gig CF card, shoot the whole wedding (or whatever type of shoot it is) on that, and download that one card? Glad you asked! We only use 2, 4, and 8 (on the mk II) gig CF cards at a wedding (carrying them on our person) because if you happen to lose a card or it gets damaged, then the WHOLE wedding is gone and you are totally up the creek without a paddle! CF cards are a newer technology and you should expect them to fail. Buy new cards every year and don’t keep lots of important images in one place for very long.

So, check out the Delkin Image Router on BHPhotovide.com and you won’t be disappointed! It retails for around $85 and is well worth the investment!