Tuesday Photography Tips & Tricks | Our Wedding Day Prep Checklist

“We are taking time off spending time with baby Gray, but have put together our favorite Tips and Tricks from the last two years for us all to review!”

Weddings are like any normal photo shoot, but 100 times crazier. Weddings are fast-paced and physically demand so much. We like to relax as much as possible before our weddings and what allows us to do this is prepping the day before so we can enjoy our friday evening and the morning of the wedding without adding any additional stress.


Here are the things we do the day before to ensure that we are relaxed and ready to go for our weddings:

1. Start charging all of our camera batteries.

2. Charge up our two-way radios.

3. Print off wedding timelines (we print these at 2 to a page so they are smaller and easier to carry on our person. We print multiple copies for each of us, our assistant, and one extra for our camera bag).

4. Print off 3 copies of the family shot list (one for each of us, one for the camera bag).

5. Put a copy of the timeline and family shot list on Dropbox (which is FREE and the best way to share and access documents anywhere) in case we happen to lose all of our hard copies.

6. Make sure bride, groom, maid of honor and best man’s numbers are in both of our cell phones.

7. Sync camera time stamps (we want to make sure that when we combine our images later in post they are in the right order with each other).

8. Clean lenses & camera sensors (we have a lens blower we use to make sure there is no dust on our cameras or lenses).

9. Set cameras to shoot on RAW + Small JPEG (we shoot on small JPEG for the first half of our weddings so we can easily execute wedding slideshows).

10. Format all cards in the camera they will be shot in. This ensures the camera reads and writes correctly. Never format a card on your computer or other camera as that increases the chances of having a card failure.

11. Go through our Gear Checklist (we use the Packing Pro App) and make sure that we have everything together that we need for the wedding packed and ready to go.

12. I (Jody) like to pack my Shootsac with all my needed extras – chapstick, gum, timeline & shot list.

13. Load up gear in the car.

14. Make sure wedding clothes are washed/ironed.

15. Check the preparation address and see how far away the wedding is so we know what time we have to leave the next day in order to get there early.

16. Prep our water and snacks that we will take with us to the wedding day that will hold us over until we can eat.

17. Leave the office early and relax and rest up for the remainder of the day and go to bed early!!!!

And one final reminder – Make sure to still have a two-day weekend! Take Sunday AND Monday off!!


We hope this helps you all be as prepared and relaxed as possible as you head into your own action-packed wedding days.