Pricing From Guest Blogger

Well, Jody and I are sitting in our hotel room in The Haag, Netherlands, writing this post and thinking about all the awesome photographers that we were able to spend the day with shooting around this beautiful, historic city. We are having the most incredible time here and can’t wait to share all the stories and photos from this trip!

Speaking of new photographers that we LOVE, just about a year and a half ago we were able to meet some super talented shooters that soon became dear friends, so, today Jody and I want to highlight this AMAZINGLY talented duo whom we LOVE dearly. Jeff and Erin Youngren are photographers from San Diego who we spent some time with a few months back at their lovely home while visiting and touring. These guys are absolutely brilliant at running their business and we thought we would take a Tuesday Tips and Tricks post and share with you some of the other photographers that are making a huge impact on this amazing community.This post of theirs is all about PRICING yourself and how to add value to what you do, and we have to say that Jeff and Erin are right on the money with what they have to say. So, without further ado, click on the post HERE from the Pictage Blog!!