Keep It Simple (Stupid ;o)

Hey all!

Today we want to chat about a topic that has become beyond important in our day to day business lives. Simplicity!

simplicity: relates to the burden which a thing puts on someone trying to explain or understand it; the opposite of complexity.


Time is a really valuable asset and quickly becomes the only thing you have left once your business gets off the ground. Using it to the best of your ability is one of the main things that will help you grow your business. As our business began to really take of in 2008, we realized this principle really fast! We started to run out of time, and noticed that even the most remedial tasks needed a serious overhaul if we wanted to keep expanding what we were doing. We started looking at everything from how we downloaded our images, how we shot, how we edited, how we tracked our finances and everything in between to make sure that we were not wasting time doing things we shouldn’t.

One area that was overlooked for quite some time, was wedding albums. We started to finally realize how much time we were spending doing things the hard way. We finally decided to make a change (gasp!) and switch album companies for 2011. Change can be hard in your business, and change can be scary. But many times this is just what you need to shake up your thinking and set you back on the path to succeeding!



We officially switched over to KISS books as our exclusive album company and do not offer any other albums other than them. Why? Well, we were using another album company that offered great books and cool options, but ultimately, they sucked up to much of our time with things that really should not take a lot of time.

As an example, we had our amazing office manager order a book that we needed from our previous album company, and on the same day, order an album from KISS. The album from our previous company took us 33 minutes and 6 seconds to order online (and we have placed orders with them for years!). The KISS book took 4 minutes and 25 seconds to order and this was the first time our office manager had used their ordering service.

We realized at that moment that if there are companies that can help keep things simple for us, save us time, and enable us to spend that saved time with family, friends, or even growing our business, then they will get our business. KISS has made every effort imaginable to be the easiest and most simple book company to work with. Their books are great and are printed beautifully, but more importantly than that, our lives have become easier to manage because of them. In a world of too many decisions and choices to make, KISS is like a breath of fresh air.

So, what areas of your business are sucking your life away? Is it editing, ordering, album design or something else? (If it’s album design we have a solution for that too!!! Stay tuned for that one!!!). Whatever it is, take a hard look at it, then devise a plan to either outsource it, or simplify it so that you can go back to taking care of your clients as quickly and efficiently as possible. Doing just that will bring you more business and keep you up and running long term in this industry.


Tell us your biggest headaches that you have in your workflow even if you don’t yet have the solution! Have a great solution to problem? Tell us how you solved it!