Where You Are In Five Years Depends On Two Things…

Today’s photography blog is all about how to get where you want to be in five years and the most crucial steps you can take to get there. Anyone who knows me (Zach) has probably heard me say, “Where you are in five years is dependent on two things; the People you meet and Books that you read.” Since we have put that truth into practice it has made the world of difference in our business.

Reading books about business is something that you can do from the privacy of your home and something that you can do any time as long as you MAKE time to do it. It is pretty simple to do if you commit to it, and Jody and I can both say that the books we have read have completely changed and helped create our business into what it is today.

The people you meet is a whole other story though! In order to meet people that will help encourage, push you and empower you to make your business better, you have to actually get out of your office or home and go and meet them. It can be difficult sometimes to find great community in the photography world and many times we just end up spending most of our “meeting people” time in the way of checking out other people’s blogs and going on forums. Those are great, and you can learn a ton of things, but nothing will ever replace actual time with other people having real communication and getting to know people on a personal level. The amazing people that we have met in this industry and the wealth of knowledge that they have freely given has been key in our business.

So, where are all these people and how can YOU connect to them?

Partner Con 2010 is one way!

There is one photography conference that Jody and I have been to, and out of WPPI, PPA, PDN and the other cool photographer conferences out there, the one that we have gotten the most out of, that we made the most friends at and truly was the biggest blessing on our business was Pictage’s PartnerCon in New Orleans.

This 3 day conference is unlike most of the others because it is small (limited to only 500 photographers!), intimate and full of not only amazing content, but amazing people. It is run by one of the most amazing CEO’s that we have ever had the priveledge of knowing, Jim Collins and his team. If you could say one thing about Jim and his amazing staff at Pictage, it is that they absolutely LOVE photographers and want nothing more than to see them succeed. Jim has a servants heart and a huge desire to create something that will help make your business all that you want it to be.

PartnerCon is only $249 for members of Pictage or ShootQ and $349 for non-members. This is a STEAL and even includes your meals!!! They price this thing to basically cover costs and do this entire event because they truly love photographers. Jody and I don’t work for Pictage and get nothing out of telling you about it other than the joy of knowing that if you come, it will rock your businesses face off!

Check out the conference web page by clicking the image above or by clicking HERE.

PartnerCon is awesome because it features classes as well as workshops from a stellar lineup of photographers! We are honored to have been selected again this year to be a part of PartnerCon and this year we are pumped to be leading a shooting workshop from 2-4pm on Wednesday, November 10th! The workshop is named “Killer On Location Lighting for the Modern bride and groom.” :) There are a ton of other awesome sessions and workshops to check out so click HERE to see all the speaker and shooting workshops!

We will be shooting on the streets around the French Quarter and this will be a content rich workshop you won’t want to miss! (The workshops are a nominal fee of approximately $30 and all proceeds will go towards the cost of Pictage Charity Events. So awesome!). To see the list of workshops offered and the full schedule of events, click HERE.

Here are a few highlights from last year… :)

We drove down to NOLA last year with David Molnar, and team photographers, Kristine and Jessica Rai.

Spoke after the amazing and kind, Joe Buissink…

We were a part of Jeff & Erin Youngren‘s shooting workshop…

… not as participants, but as models. Reliving our wedding… but in New Orleans! :)

We had SO much fun and made so many friends!

Seriously, if you need to regain motivation, be inspired, and learn more, you HAVE to come to PartnerCon – it will change your business. We promise.

We now leave you with this PartnerCon 2009 highlight film by Ron Dawson of Dare Dreamer Media

Are you coming to PartnerCon? Let us know if we’ll be seeing your lovely mugs there!!