Tuesday Tips & Tricks | WPPI Finder

This week’s tip is all about getting your learn on AND a chance to WIN, BIG!

We are headed back, once again to…

We have a Platform Class & are doing a bunch of smaller gigs, so below is where you can find us (and Jax!) during the event in Vegas!

…BUT before we get to that, in honor of us doing our talk on our IN-CAMERA DVD series (which is currently NOT available in our store) we are doing a giveaway, and you don’t have to be going to WPPI to partake in the fun!




We are giving away the chance to win one of our 4 DVD workshops to whoever tweets the below message (or hits their facebook page)! Each DVD is valued at $249 and YOU could win one by doing the following:


1. Tweet or Facebook “Pre-Register for @ZachandJody Platform Class w/ @rfwppi & enter to win one of their IN-CAMERA DVD’s! http://tinyurl.com/3t4rfju – RT to enter!

Or just Click HERE to Tweet this message.

2. Add us to YOUR planner if you will be coming out to WPPI in Las Vegas March 3rd – 6th (you don’t have to come to WPPI to enter)!

3.  Wait until Thursday the 27th when we announce the winner, and because we are giving away one of each DVD (4 DVDs total), your chances of winning just went up!

OK, so now that we have that out of the way, where can you come and find us, and learn some really cool tools for business, shooting, lighting and more??


#1 Platform Class

Wed, Mar 5, 2014 – 8:30 AM to 10:00 AM (room 313-316 – Topic, The 2.5 Hour In-Camera Workflow)

In this class we will take you on an overview of all of our IN-CAMERA DVD’s teaching you how to attain the 2.5 hour workflow and GET YOUR LIFE BACK!

#2 WPPI University

(you must be registered for WPPI U to attend)

Class 1.  Saturday March 1st at 9:45am – 10:45am (shooting Bay demonstrating studio lighting techniques broken down into a SIMPLE system that makes this type of lighting accessible to anyone).

Class 2. Saturday March 1st from 5:15pm – 6:15pm (Business Track on the 3 Steps to Bigger Sales). This class will teach you the 3 key tools to increase your photography income for 2014!

#3 Thirst Relief Benefit Shoot

We are doing a shoot, a dinner AND a private concert!

Sunday March 2nd from 1pm for the rest of the day! This will be a live shoot and I (Zach) will be teaching off-camera lighting in old-downtown Las Vegas with some amazing models! We will all shoot together and you will have the chance to ALSO shoot with Mike Colon & Trevor Dayley! You can also just buy the dinner and concert side and come hang with us!

More places to find us!


Monday March 3rd

#4   KISS Books  Meet & Greet – 11:30am to 12:30pm at Booth 1423 on the Trade show Floor. Want to know more about albums? Come hang with us and see the goods! 

#5   Adorama  Meet & Greet Q&A – 1pm – 1:30pm at Booth 1007 on the Trade Show Floor. 

#6  Expo Imaging  Demo – 2:30pm – 3pm at booth 1725 demonstrating the Expo Disk 2.0! 

Tuesday March 4th

#7    Westcott  Lighting Demo – 11:30am to noon  at booth 333 – We will show a few constant light set-ups, then let you shoot the model! 

#8   Adorama  Meet & Greet Q&A – 12:30pm to 1pm at Booth 1007 on the Trade Show Floor. 

#9   Shoot & Share Theater Keynote – Booth  2:30pm to 3:45 at booth 1601.  We will talk about building Vendor relationships so you can get more referrals in 2014! 

#10 creativeLIVE Party at the Skyloft (must be pre-registered to attend) 

Wednesday March 5th

#11  Platform Class “The 2.5 Hour Workflow” Keynote in room 313-316

#12   Bay Photo  Keynote –  Bigger Sales = Bigger Profits – at 12:30pm – 1pm at booth 1518-1519


We can’t wait to see you all there!!