Type Less, Save Time & Make More



The average worker in America spends 28% of their workweek on email alone. Tim Ferris says that “email is the KILLER of the modern day business” and that “90% of your emails are a complete waste of time.”


A few weeks back we talked about a TOOL that can help you get your inbox down to zero, but the reality is, that you STILL have to type lots of email and lots of text for all kinds of different reasons. So, what solution is there to help speed that up?




For you MAC users out there, this is THE best solution to this problem. TextExpander


This software allows you to create templates for things that you write ALL the time. Like when a bride asks you the same question that 10 others asked, then you can just type a few characters, and then it populates the entire message! You can then tweak it slightly if need be and send it off!


If you want to get time back with your family, or build your business instead of managing it, then getting simple tools like this and learning to use them is critical!


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