Using Diffusers for a direct-sun portrait | 4 Part Series

Diffusing Direct Sunlight

diffusing sun (1)

The last way we control light in this way is to use our diffuser. Sometimes you are shooting and you have NO where to hide from the sun and you are getting tired of just backlighting every client and adding some light to the front with your reflector. That is why having a large diffuser is critical to wedding and portrait work. If we have a large reflector with us, then we can shoot in direct sun and get great images of our clients. Some of you shooters out there have nothing but tons of sun and no shade for lots of your shoots, so learning to use a diffuser really well is key!

diffusing sun (2)

Here is the shot of the behind the scenes image from above in direct sun. It is not flattering and tough to shoot in.

diffusing sun (3)

Once we add the diffusion, we now have this beautiful soft light with manageable contrast that looks great!

Nothing But Sun

If you find yourself shooting in direct sun almost ALL the time, then we would recommend that you invest in a diffusion panel like the California Sun Bounce.


(image from California Sun Bounce Italy)

This piece of gear takes the diffuser and puts it in a frame, then allows you to get an accessory mono-pod so your assistant can carry it around and create soft light anywhere. It comes in tons of sizes and we recommend a large one for two or more people. Shooting on the beach, in the desert or anywhere in between, you can create soft light and get great images!

  With these 4 Methods for shooting with reflectors, you will see your images have that extra pop and will feel confident walking into most any natural lighting situation!


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