Want a 2.5 hour wedding image workflow?

You have been waiting for this, and we talked about it on our webinar (replay is available until Friday night!), and we just launched a BRAND NEW product that solves the problem of your time being consumed with editing.

The IN-CAMERA: Post production video workshop will:

  • Share the systematic editing process and steps that Zach uses in his 2.5 hour wedding workflow
  • Reduce your editing time
  • Help you reclaim your life
  • Allow PORTRAIT photographers to BLAZE through their shoots


The IN-CAMERA: Post video workshop includes:

  • Gear we use for increased efficiency
  • Our systematic editing process
  • File organization so you never lose an image or wonder what to do next
  • File backup for protecting images
  • Creating custom black and whites
  • Retouching for proofs and print
  • Efficient Exporting and sharpening of all images
  • Creating panoramas tutorial
  • AND our exclusive 30-minute 80 page album design tutorial


Purchase by Friday October 4th

….and you will receive all 3.5 hours of content, the two bonus chapters PLUS $235 of six exclusive bonuses including access to our private IN-CAMERA Facebook group!


BONUS #1: Our Workflow Workbook

Your guide through IN-CAMERA: Post with chapter summaries, tips and action items. (a $49.95 value)



BONUS #2: Workflow Checklist

Get Zach’s very own worksheet that he uses to make sure all of his post-production tasks are completed so you ALWAYS know what is next. (a $19.95 value)



BONUS #3: Workflow Poster

Print off this poster that highlights the tips and keys to having a fast and efficient workflow to free up your life! (a $14.95 value)


 BONUS #4: Workflow Folder System

Receive Zach’s organizational folder system so your images are hyper organized and you NEVER wonder where your images are! (a $19.95 value)



 BONUS #5:  Lightroom Actions + Video

Receive our 29 Lightroom 5 compatible pre-set actions plus an instructional video on importing the actions, use & organization. (a $29.95 value)



BONUS #6: Access to the Exclusive IN-CAMERA Workshop Community

Join our private Facebook network of over 400 photographers who are helping each other daily with their business and shooting. This was previously ONLY available to in-person workshop attendees. (a $100 value)




This workshop that we are no longer offering in-person, used to cost attendees $750 to attend live, but we are now making it available to you at a fraction of that price!

How much time could you gain by investing 3.5 hours learning from this video workshop? Don’t wait to get your life back from editing…



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**We don’t get to respond to question (as you may know). But just for this week, we’ll answer ANY question you have about this new video workshop and whether it’s right for you. Just comment below, and we’ll reply as soon as possible.


-Zach & Jody


PS. As usual, we have our 30 Day Satisfaction guarantee! If you watch this video workshop, apply the system we teach, and your editing time doesn’t decrease, we’ll give you back your money.



PPS. Enjoy a few testimonials from IN-CAMERA: Post attendees.

“I have turned my one week editing process to less than 2 hours. I am able to feel more balanced, and be at my best for my family and photography career.”- Cheyenne S.

“A typical wedding would take me 25-35 hours to edit… it is now less than half that time and I spend my free time walking our dog and planning future vacations together.”– Jen S.

“Zach’s system really does work. I was taking about 15 hours to edit the same amount of images and now it takes me 8 hours. Still not at 4… YET).”– Mandy L.

Instead of 3 hours to edit a session, I have it down to an hour and a half. The Post Workshop has paid for itself many times over.”– Tony B.

“Weddings used to take me 8-10 hours to edit fully. I can now blaze through weddings in less than half of that time.”- Nathan L.

“My Portrait sessions were taking up to 5 hours to edit… After Zach & Jody’s Post workshop, my portrait sessions can be culled and edited in less than an hour. Thanks, Zach & Jody!”- Sara A.

 PPPS. For more information on IN-CAMERA: Post and how it can rock your life, CLICK HERE!

PPPPS. Just kidding…we have no more PSs for you :)