Want to Watch us Shoot a Wedding? Now is your chance thanks to PhotoVision

Last weekend we had a pretty busy couple of days and it was packed full to say the least. Interviews, filming, a wedding and more interviews, whew! Well now we are prepared to share with you the latest thing we are a part of AND offer you a special promo code, so make sure to read on!

We were selected to be a part of PhotoVision‘s instructional DVD collection. As many of you may know, PhotoVision gives photographers an intimate look at industry leading pros’ studios. Subscribers get an inside look into the different studios ranging from how they shoot, edit, market, sales, and PhotoVision even takes you on location with real shoots and even real weddings. PhotoVision offers yearly subscriptions where you get 6 DVDs that include 12 hours featuring 20 different leading photographers. These DVDs are mailed out bi-monthly in 2-hour segments – SO much goodness and we are excited that we now will be a part of.

It’s funny because when we first started out we purchased a PhotoVision DVD series and they really helped us become the photographers we are today. It is through those DVDs that we came to know and admire great photographers like Jeffrey & Julia Woods, Parker J. Pfister, & Michele Celentano. It’s funny how things come full circle :)

(Don’t forget to read below at the bottom of the post – a special promo code is available for you, our readers!)

We had a great time as Ed Piece (the creator of PhotoVision) and his hardworking sidekick Taylor flew in to Nashville to hang with and shoot us last weekend. Before the first segment that we are featured in is released next month, we thought we would share some behind the scenes goodness!

Setting up in our living room/meeting space…

Taylor taking a break to smile for the camera…

Ed putting mics on us for the interview portion…

The guys working hard and sweating right along with us as they captured us throughout the wedding day…

After the wedding, the next day Zach took the cameras through our post process.

And after all of our hard work it was time to celebrate at J. Alexanders… yum :)

Ok, so you’re like, “That’s cool and all but how do I get in on this goodness?” Well, my friends, we have an answer!!!!! Keep on reading…

*Get this – for 6 DVDs and 12 hours of training the regular cost is $149 per year… BUT because you are a friend and blog follower of us, if you enter in promo code “GRAY” then you get the full year of DVDs for $39! REGISTER HERE or read on for more step-by-step instructions.

What’s even more exciting is starting in the next issue coming out, you will get a look into two areas of our studio 1) how we market our business via social media and 2) follow along and begin the journey with us as you watch us shoot a real wedding (along with other segments from other awesome photographers :).

The Details:

– Visit PhotoVision

– At the bottom, click on “Register for PhotoVision 2010”

– Fill out all of the requested info

– Enter your promo code “GRAY” when prompted

– You will be mailed (yes, actually hard copies!) the back issues that released earlier this year and bi-monthly you will receive the rest of this year’s DVDs!

– Make some popcorn, sit back and prepare to get your learn on!


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For those of you who are already a part of PhotoVision – what is it that you love about it?