Washington State IN Camera Tour | Re-Cap

We have returned from our workshops, creativeLIVE event and speaking gigs that we did in Washington and are stoked to be home! We spent 6 days touring around Seattle and Leavenworth and had an awesome time making new friends and seeing old ones!


We are pumped to share with you images from both workshops and we have some links to some reviews from attendees for you to check out as well!

Now to the Lighting workshop images!

Our host studio owners had their daughter out shooting behind the scenes images, so we grabbed one of her! Cute!

At the end of the day, we decided to do a two light set-up for the above two images. We showed the attendees just how easy it is to add a second light!


Lynette Smith

Thanks Dennis for the feedback on my blog :) The workshop is amazing and worth it. Any skill level….any age. You will love it!”

Angie Arms

Renee Booe


Kathryn Sinn Dokter

“Got home last night from my northwest advenuture. Walked in the door at 8:30, sat down at 9:00 to cull a HS Sr. shoot and was done by 9:30. My husband was watching and vistiting and said I was ruthless. He likes my new speed!!!!”

Jessica Michelle

“Put the skills I learned at the lighting workshop to good use at yesterday’s bridal session :D Thanks again a million times Zach ‘n Jody Gray!!”

Tori Pintar

“Thank you for another great day Zach and Jody!”

Wiletta Quiet Storm McGhee

“So glad I discovered Zach ‘n Jody Gray!”


There are soooo many more reviews, but we can’t post them all, so hit up Twitter with the #incameratour to see more! Thanks everyone for coming out and making it such a blast to hang with you!!